The 'Other' Crypto Projects I'm In Love With...

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The 'Other' Crypto Projects I'm In Love With....png


You mean there are blockchain projects that you are into OUTSIDE of HIVE?

I know, I know...I'm a shill!

And in early 2018 I decided to get out of everything I was dabbling in and focus on HIVE (Steem....whatever lol)

I said to myself, I want to dedicate my life to something I believe in but also something I understand...And as intriguing as all the projects that there are in crypto may be...

I needed to 'understand' and be able to use them!

Fast forward to now and thanks to my involvement with HIVE, I've started to understand this crypto stuff a little more.

And my ignorance towards certain projects has allowed me to ignore the hype and actually 'dive in' projects that I see actual use case and...I can understand!

Here a few projects I've been dabbling in...Other than HIVE :)

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The Brave Browser has changed everything for me! When you get down to it, it's such a no brainer...If we are into the crypto space, why not use a browser that rewards it's users with....Crypto!

On top of the fascinating reward structure that's integrated into the browser, the ability to 'tip' content creators and businesses you love with BAT is such a huge win!

I've spoken before on how I think the tipping economy has a big future in the crypto space and Brave / BAT fit the bill perfectly.

We've integrated it into @clicktrackprofit as well as the Start Earning Today platform.

I'm BIG on BAT!

PreSearch (PRE)

This was an unknown to me a few months ago but apparently they've been around for a while.

The idea is pretty simple..

Get paid to search!

I know right? Too good to be true....But it's real and so far I've accumulated hundreds of PRE tokens, just by using the Presearch blockchain based search engine.

I used Google for years and put money in their pockets...So why not start putting some crypto in mine now...The search engine itself is great and I haven't noticed a single bit of difference since diving in to it...

And oh yeah...Once again it's completely integrated into our training in Start Earning Today!

RealT (ERC-20)

Now this is...Very unique.

It's an ethereum based project that tokenizes real estate properties.

Wait what?

Yeah I start diving into this a few months ago and learned everything I could about it. In a nutshell, this company has started purchasing properties around the U.S. and tokenizing them.

You buy a 'token' or piece of the real estate and you...Own it!

Just like buying a full property but each of these tokens are fully tradable and liquid.

And what's even better...You get paid 'rent' every single day in the form of the USDC stable coin....Right to your Meta Mask wallet.


To me, this can potentially be the future for real estate investing as it allows people to get in and out, with the simple sale of a token.

You have to sign contracts and everything to buy the tokens, but it's all above the board and very exciting.

I'm only a few tokens into this and a few months as well..But to me, it shows the massive potential of both real estate on a blockchain and powerful investment opportunities for the future.

Bitcoin & Ethereum

I mean, store of value? Sure...

Name brand recognition? Absolutely...

Big futures? Oh I'd say so...

I started slowly getting stake in the 'big boys' of the crypto world recently as well...As much as I went all in on HIVE, I still think having positions in these major players is a must.

And I'm learning more and more about ETH's big potential too....It's exciting stuff!

Hive-Engine Tribes

And of course...I LOVE supporting the tribes here on HIVE....From Leo Finance, to SPI....Hustlers to Dcity....I'm a big fan of all the builders on the blockchain!

And oh yeah, I'm a fan of CTP too ;

What projects are you into?

Which fascinate you the most?

Let's compare notes and see where we think these projects are headed....


Bitcoin is only thing that matters to me in terms of investment value. I like Hive for free speech potential but even then second and third layers of BTC will likely surpass Hive potential IMHO.

They do have brand recognition for sure, and if something 'social' manages to capitalize using BTC....It'll be a hit.

For me it's not about recognition as much as economics of the token. The limited supply of BTC, it's existing network effects and the nature of open source technology makes me believe it will absorb any advances while maintaining the best store of value thus building into the best medium of exchange.

Yeah I know it's improving for sure...And once people understand the limited supply, there will be a run on it for sure.

I was into a lot of cryptos back in the days, but I have shrunk my portfolio... :)

BTC, ETH, HIVE, LBC (Library Credits, the coin of LBRY network), LINK (Chainlink), and a bit of LTC... and all of them have their WHY :)

Urgh I forgot to mention LBC lol Yeah that's a cool project too!

I guess I am the only one in love with Uptrend on hive blockchain

It's got a vibrant community for sure, I've never really taken a look.

I saw a video of @ScottCBusiness where he presented RealT and it looks promising. I just think that because of Covid-19 the prices of homes might come crashing down. The real estates that RealT invests in are located too much in the same region for my taste (Detroit). I would have liked some more geographical diversification. I will probably invest when they get bigger ;-).

Otherwise I'm more or less invested in the same coins than you ;-)

Yeah they added a Florida property, and I'm sure as more people start looking at it they'll open up to new areas.

That RealT one jumped out at me. The idea of being able to earn rent on a piece of real estate and not have to maintain it is kind of awesome. I view the ads on Brave Browser but I really need to remember to use Presearch way more than I do.

Yeah RealT isn't open to regular investors in the states yet...We can do it here in Canada, but you need to be an accredited investor in America to dive into it.

Thank you for that piece of information, Jon! I am not that surprised to hear that. I guess that leaves me out for now. Still fun to learn about this stuff and the possibilities that exist. Have a great night!😀

unfortunately the first token(was an ETH token) that look very promising to me failed very badly.

So I have little BTC and Hive + hive tribes investment and investment in hive games.

We've got so many cool projects here on HIVE....It's amazing to see the opportunities.

I own some bitcoin, litecoin and tezos.

I also have tribe coins and miners on hive engine. And then there are the games. Splinterlands and dcity are also investments for me.

I got into dcity. but still haven’t figured it out. but i love that i’m earning tokens everyday.

BAT is great, I always like getting the monthly reward for enabling the Ads. I've just started getting involved in RUNE.

RealT sounds like its exactly my kind of investment, I'll have to look into it more. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

rune huh. i’ll take a look. thanks :)

Tribe tokens like ctp, sports,hustlers, leo,and a few others, bitcoin I have to rebuild as I brought most of that to hive, dash, and that is about it for me.

yeah i did the same. got out of my litecoin to buy hive.

Well done!