What Happens When Life Happens As A Content Creator...?

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What Happens When Life Happens As A Content Creator..._.png

Life throws you curveballs all the time....

We go through so much on our individual journeys from health issues, family issues, little 'events' like Covid and in my case...Moving across a continent!

And as entrepreneurs we're supposed to 'stay the course', show up everyday, put on a smiling face and never quit...

But what happens when...You just have to take a step back?

No matter what you say to yourself, you just can't seem to get fired up because of the madness going on around you?

Easy answer....Get back on the horse and get working!

Reality though...It's a challenge to get fired up when things just aren't working for ya'...

But see, this is the entrepreneurial journey...And more importantly, a sneaky little blessing when you are a content creator.

Talk about it!

For me, if I ever have trouble coming up with content...I actually discuss it!

Kinda like I'm doing right here ;)

You see, content creation doesn't have to be suit and tie, clean and professional....It can be...Real!

And the power of connecting with your audience and showing them that you are an every day person, and struggle just like they do...Is massive!

For me...It's getting back on the horse! Knowing that sometimes with all that happens in our lives, it's important to just show your hand!

This move across the country for me has been taxing....Include that with my awful internet and it threw a monkey wrench in my video posts that I do every week.

Boo hoo...Poor me!

Guess what, what I'm going through is NOTHING compared to what some folks go through...So I jump back on the horse, and keep creating.

I'm excited for so many things right now too...

  • The Hive blockchain continues to inspire me every day! I see all the amazing things happening here as well as on Twitter with #HIVE5 and yeah, it's a great time to be here and pay attention to what's being built!

  • The Coinbase news today as well, is VERY exciting! Rumors are that they are about to go public and will help introduce crypto to an entire new market.

  • July 16th is the date I'm marking down! I'm getting a brand new service provider here where I live and that means...2020 internet speeds and my ability to get uploading back to @threespeak

  • Continuing to see the growth and popularity of the CTP Token and passion shown by the CTP Swarm every day here.

Yeah it's save to say...Things happen. Life happens. And sometimes it's hard to jump back on the horse and keep creating content...

But once you take a look around and plug into this amazing community, you will be inspired. Be true to yourself, your community and share your thoughts and what fires YOU up about your journey...

I guarantee you'll break out of the slump!


"...showing them that you are an every day person, and struggle just like they do...Is massive!"

You hit it right on the head here....showing we are REAL, not just some robots. Personally, I am more drawn to people who are down to earth, show the hard times as well as the good, relatable people....

As you said, life happens. We can "rest but just don't quit" as @iamraincrystal said in her vlog post earlier today. As long as we keep on, that determines our success.

Things will get better in your journey soon & then watch out @threespeak ha ha!! You will be posting videos galore ;)

So true...And the videos are ready to rock...Just need to wait for the tech to catch up in this household to present day LOL

Yes, things are not super cool always. Sometimes you see it falling apart. It feels like you are a firefighter. You fix those things and make it work.

Telling your truth is the most important thing that can connect with other people. We are not superhuman. We are regular people with problems. And how we deal with that and move forward, that can help and inspire other people you don't even know. Thank you @jongolson for sharing this.

Agreed! And when people see your faults and when you might not be 'perfect' I think it helps build relationships.

Thanks for sharing this Jon, it’s inspiring and a good reminder of what’s more important. Looking forward to checking your 3speaks. Hope you are finding the new place a great one to live in.

Appreciated sir! Yeah only a few days away now...Got loads of content to upload LOL

When you love what you are doing, it is easy to find and produce content. It is not necessarily important to create every day but this is the mantra you put on yourself and the message you spread around.

Yessir....And BTW, I think you are in Montreal? You need the city to fix Highway 40 across the top of the island LOL Man oh man, those were some rough roads...lol

Yes, I am from Montreal, the portion of the 40 is not the best, but is only a small portion of the road. ;)

I am showing up daily and may be one day I will be creating daily too.

Don't know if I can acclaim my comments also as creation as I am daily commenting on other post then really get tired and lazy to create a post of mine.

Ahhh the best thing about HIVE is that they are content!!! Huge part of the journey here is the comments and engagement :)

Great post Jon.IT realy help listen to your all advices and motivation.TY

Appreciated thanks for stopping by :)

Just watched your video too.When listen to you looks all so simple.lol

On LBRY? Did it finally show up ? LOL

No was from link you posted on telegram group

Great post, Jon. I'm getting better at "talking about it". This crazy little thing called creating a routine and making it a habit has helped :D

Oh no doubt...Yeah my weekly routine on Hive has been completely messed up with this move...But instead of complaining about it, I just push on...Talk and discuss things and do dances on cameras LOL

sometimes it can be more difficult than others and I am sure @pixiepost will say something about moon phases planets aligning or misaligned and that why.
But sometimes life has to happen and things need to be got on with so that getting on with things can happen :)

All in the Journey my friend, all in the journey

ya man. we roll with the punches. but we keep getting back up.

Great post, Jon! Maybe you should check out my latest vlog and get easy ideas for your next blog... 🤣

lol... the timing of our posts was ridiculously weird... hahaha

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ha ha ha ha too funny. timing was perfect.

Internet speed bump is something to keep you going. Glad you are getting an upgrade.

oh wow. i can’t wait lol

Love how you stay "fired up" and always dropping some knowledge dude. Keep on inspiring champ.

Thanks man, past couple of weeks have been rough...But no excuse, keep pushing!

Some days chickens, some days feathers. My old man had some pretty good sayings.

I've had to take some time off in the last year. The blinking cursor was not my friend. I did some serious reading, wrote down (by hand in a notebook) some ideas and actually started a non related project. The wheel just keeps turning and it comes back.

Good to see you back man....Yeah it happens...But we keep pushing, jump back in and get fired up to continue :)

I love the energy the videos are a source of inspiration.

Looking forward to getting back to creating them.


I try my best :)

Great post @jongolson. I have definitely had those days when I have to "get back on the horse". Luckily they don't happen very often but they do happen. I also have had those days when I had nothing else to talk about other than what happened to me that day.