What Can You Control....Focus On That!

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The past week has taught me a lot about my journey here on Steem...In a nutshell, what I think or feel has absolutely zero impact on how this blockchain operates. It's kind of like the weather...I might HATE that it's going to rain tomorrow. But no matter how much I swear and cuss at the clouds, it's still going to rain.

So the soft fork happened. Tron became a huge stake holder in the blockchain. People debated and argued...At the end of the day, what we said or didn't say, had zero impact!

This is what it taught me....

I can focus on what I can control.

So for me....It's simple. My businesses game plan is to highlight the importance of content creation. It's to create content daily. And encourage my community to do the same.

That's what I can control.

And when you 'give up' trying to control what you can't, life really opens up for ya'!

I'm refreshed. I am not too concerned about what happens tomorrow on the blockchain....I'm controlling my actions, my attitude and my impact on my community.

You see, ClickTrackProfit is much more than just a training platform for affiliate marketers. It's about personal growth in every sense of the term.

We are dreamers. Entrepreneurs that KNOW we must take action every day to see the results we desire. We know how important it is for us to be around like minded people. And to learn something new each and every day of our journey....

And up to this point, STEEM has been the perfect place to do this.

Nothing has changed.

Even with all the news, gossip, scandal and drama over the past few weeks...

We show up everyday, and try to be better at sunset than we were at sunrise. That's what we can control...Our efforts here. Each and everyday!

I encourage all affiliate marketers and Steem creators to do the same. Look at the effort you are putting in to your journey here and let the cards fall where they may. You can control who you decide to engage with. You can also control the effort you put into developing your content. Heck, you can even control who you upvote or not...

We can control a lot in our own communities.

Let's focus on that going forward...Because Steem has been and always will be...About the people!


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Very well said indeed.
If we live in the world of what ifs, it shoulda been or why cant it, then we just aint living.

My Motto for Eons and an age has always been , Be Here Now :)

Very true man. So true indeed!

I seen this play coming and kinda kept my mouth shut though hinting at it I did not want to expose the “plan” and set myself up for backlash 😅 exactly that control what we can.... the silence was deafening to me good we have communication established as a priority once more 👌

Yeah I think at the end of the day, every party wants to see Steem be a success. Sad that it couldnt have been done sooner. But it is what it is.

Very well said. Statements like these are liberating. Setting us free from worries that don't help us do what we can do.

Man used to spend years 'fighting' when people wouldnt agree with me and see my vision. So much easier to let things be and focus on what we can control over :)

True, now with the low prices lot's people get scared and make irrational decisions. The world economy is slowing down due to the Corona virus and bitcoin and Steem are going down too.

Which is pretty strange shortly before a halving event for bitcoin and after launching communities for Steem.

All we can do is keep on going and have hope for the future.

Cheap crypto is heaven sent for me LOL I love accumulating more when these things dip.

Great Inspiration Jon, Focus on what we can do and don't worry about what we can't. This Business there are going to be ups and downs Don't let is Slow us Down work around it and get to were you want to go.

No point in fighting things that we have no bearing upon. This way, we control our actions and our attitudes :)

Very true! And a timely reminder. So, the best thing to do is to just enjoy our time here. Engage, make friends and play our part. And when it's not fun anymore, leave or disappear like what some others did. No need to kick up a storm, or make a fool of ourselves. 😊

I think that's the best part about Steem...The people. And getting to know folks, PLUS being rewarded in the process. We have the best 'network' in any social media landscape...But I'm very biased lol

Thanks man! I apparently needed this reminder. :)

Man, trust me....I learned this lesson a long long time ago from my past experiences LOL

I'm never right, I'm wrong. And I'm o.k. with that LOLOL I'm enjoying the ride regardless :)

I love your pep talks, Jon! True, I don't sweat over stuff I can't control. That for me will be a waste of precious energy. I focus on what I can do and try my best each time. I'm happy to be part of the CTP tribe. ^_^

Thanks so much Rose. Honored to have you here :) Thanks so much for the comments and support!

This is great writing, and great reading, thx a lot Jon for posting this one. Respect!

Appreciate that Sig, thanks man!

Ya I have been blogging about stuff out of my control. Need to get a grip and work on the stuff I can.

That's it man...Your little circle. Focus on that, it'll attract the right audience!

It is a nice encouragement. ;)

Appreciate you man, thanks for the comments.

oh, BOI relates to this message.
It was at that time when I was creating my first post on BOI blog about the Steem ecosystem and I was in doubt about what information I should put there because there were countless opinions.
So I skipped that part and only explained Steem.
Now I'm creating the second part and I will include opinions of Steemit users.

You're welcome to check out the first part, here
Any feedback will be highly appreciated!

This is SO true! We as humans do not like to lose or relinquish control. And this reminder was so needed. We CAN make an impact when we focus on our own journey & what we can control. There is a ripple effect that happens when we do.

Thanks for this, Jon, & we have our awesome community here to make our journeys that much better!🧚‍♀️🙌

Appreciated Jenn. Yeah for sure...It's a much better way of living too lol So much less stress :)

Amen to that!!! 🤣

Wow those are really empowering words @jongolson, and also very true, when we focus on what we can control the whole world just opens up to us, thank you very much for sharing these words of wisdom, it's awesome.

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Appreciate that, thanks very much!

As @gadrian said, we need this reminder sometimes... But, on the other side, I will not stop expressing my opinion about certain things... Maybe I can't change a lot of things with my small stake, but I have a voice and opinion...

But, you are right, we definitely have to step-out of too much drama and continue with work...

Yeah man, that's how I feel these days. I'm o.k. with voicing my opinion and all...But at the end of the day, I know that my voice is a small one...I'm much more encouraged to network and grow with our little side of the web :)

Couldn't agree with you more, Jon. Thanks for another great post as usual ! Resteemed

Thank you sir, much appreciated!