WTH Is The CTP Community?

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Think of this like....

Net Marketing Forum - The blockchain version ;)

So when you post directly to this community, it won't show on your 'blog'. So it's our own little community that combined with CTPtalk.com makes for some BIG potential in communicating with each other.

WTH Is The CTP Community_.png

And oh yeah, like you can see....Upvotes are here which means you are rewarded for your contribution to the community!


So don't be shy....Let's talk...

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Crypto
  • Blockchain
  • Home based businesses
  • Online marketing / business
  • Email marketing
  • Content creation
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • And so much more....!

This is YOUR home on the blockchain for helping you build your business!


So when you post directly to this community, it won't show on your 'blog'.

Actually it can go to your personal blog too if you want to. You have to "resteem" your own post, which is possible if it's a community post. Yeah, I know, that isn't very natural or easy for the regular guy to grasp at first.

I'm working on it :) Learning more every hour...

But what I'm really excited about it....How you can become a part of a community now and focus on topics that you have passion for.

This is HUGE!

Joined a few already and plan to join a bunch more....I can totally see where this could go.

Yep, I've been saying this for a while now. It's like we have a completely different steemit.com and steempeak.com now.

From some reactions I saw yesterday, looks like enough people waited to see the communities on the main sites before learning more about them.

Yeah man, it was all really confusing...And calling them hive-8389373 didn't help either.

But I look at that list on the left now...And THIS is great....Like topics I'm interested in and things I wanna dive into more on my journey here on Steem...

Such a win!


Yes it looks much better this way! They are still called "hive-" internally by the way. It's just a matter of how the interface shows them, that's the magic. :)

If you go to an interface which doesn't support communities yet, you'll still see them as "hive-".

You have their ear (the developers of this stuff) please remind them that the more complicated this stuff is, the less 'normal' people will adopt it LOL

So true Jongo. But I think they will adopt it once they get more involved with Steem over time. Feed them the easy stuff starting out and then give them small portions as time goes by. Kind of a gradual "osmosis" type thing if you will

Agreed...The most important thing is that people actually use this stuff. Slow and steady!

I hope they won't get carried away. Ease of use is important for more adoption.

Going to join CTP community right now!

Awesome man, thanks so much for joining :)

Im learning all these new things. Slowly...

lol you and me both

Just joined the community Jon. Have to learn it slowly but surely.

Awesome man....Yeah don't feel to overwhelmed...I have no idea yet how all this stuff works and I've been here for 2 years LOL

One more community to build, Jon! :)

We are here to help :)

I'll figure this stuff out yet....

But, raise something that is mind blowing to me...

All the features of Steempeak. The new communities here on Steemit.

Now one of these brilliant developers ever stopped to say.....Hey, we should make this stuff SUPER EASY for people to use..

There's a reason apps like Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, Twitter are so mass adopted....It's ease of use.

If we want people actually using this stuff, forget onboarding, just make it easy for the every day person to sign in, press 'post' and good to go.

Ok, rant over....I'm just an idiot marketer lol

An other GOOD one to read and start DO! Keep on going, this is STEEMING on!!

Can't stop, won't stop!!!! Thanks for joining Sig!

Think of this like....

Net Marketing Forum - The blockchain version ;)

It's time.................

Yeah, figured we could ruffle some feathers here ;)

Trying to figure things out just like you Jon, I just created the community SEO for those looking to share and learn Search Engine Optimization, search marketing, and social media marketing skills and predictions.

That's awesome man, most definitely has big potential on Steem. The link backs for SEO on Steemit must be pretty good for page rank, etc.

I'm with ya man. Wondering if I should by some tron...

No idea man....I haven't bought any...I might, but until I see use case...I'm sticking with Steem and BAT.

Let me know if you change course as I like to follow good leaders. I peeled 20 bucks off my BTC to get into BAT and going to use your litecoin suggestion to purchase some Steem to get myself topped up over 10k staked at ctp.

Cool cool Love all these topics and been trying to make it work for so long. Hopefully can learn something from one another. Just subbed! :)

So awesome to have ya....Yeah we've been going strong for 5 months on Steem Engine, but this is a cool way to get more exposure for our businesses, and community members inside of the Steem eco-system!

Looking forward to building with ya'!

@jongolson, You've released an effective Entry Point brother. Let's hope for the best and my good wishes are with you. In my opinion you've put your heart and soul into this Project, so definitely Universe 🌌 will back you and you will be blessed with Prosperous Days. Stay blessed.

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Appreciated man, working hard to figure all this out....It's a challenge for sure, learning where to post, how it posts and who gets to see it lol

Thank you and have a joyful time ahead. 🙂