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The affiliate market is derived from Digital Marketing, where it aims to promote companies on websites or blogs, where this will generate a commission for each ad or publication, so that people get this profit the visitor or buyer makes an action through the banner, where you must click to formalize a purchase and registration and cancel for the product. So if you have a site or a blog you can take advantage of it, promoting your products to your followers, growing your business and your rewards.

Who win in this system

1.- The owner of the Blog or the affiliate who does his job from the comfort of his home, who earns and gets his reward for the promotion of a digital product.
2.- The owner of the company or product created.
3.- The buyer who finds his desired product in a different way.

One of the most important things an affiliate should have is to have a web, forum or social network where you can count on many users and it is easy to promote products.
You must select a good affiliate program, where this company will give you a code so that your user arrives directly to the product, apart from that your rewards will go directly to your purse. There are currently many online, now

Select the product you want to promote, you must choose a product suitable for your users, because you must convince your buyers to acquire that product.

Affiliate Advantages

  • You do not invest time or money creating a business or product.
  • You do not have to carry out sales transmissions.
  • It is done from the comfort of your thing, it only takes time, a market plan that is most important to own the internet.
  • The rewards.
  • Users, growth as an influencer.


  • You have to work on promoting that products as if it were yours.
  • You cannot tire your users by simply offering products, you must look for ways to attract new users and keep what you already have to buy the products you are offering.
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Awesome tools bro. Thanks

Well done @junior182, a nice breakdown of the affiliate market and who the winners are, plus what advantages and disadvantages there is to be an affiliate, it's awesome.

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