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It is a decentralized system that contains a database that is constituted in a block chain that within it is a registration list, these blocks are connected by means of nodes of a network where the authenticity is verified and a copy of this recorded data. This originated in 1991 through Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta, where they designed a blockchain for cryptography, but got to know more about this great research after 18 years in 2009 with the arrival of bitcoin.

This system is very safe thanks to the connection with the nodes since they register a faithful and exact copy, to cause a destabilization you should delete all the existing nodes, this is sure that you cannot lose, modify or delete. This system does not have a centralized network because each node of the network saves the information, making its use in a secure and efficient way because it does not depend on a central institution or a third party to perform or execute the function.

How Blockchain will help the affiliate market

Thanks to this system, the affiliate market will offer its users whether they are affiliates, product creators or buying security for their de-centralized system, efficiency will save them in their subsequent costs for their transactions, they would not have a problem with the payment because they work directly without third, in turn a transparency for the cryptographic security to each user that connects to this system, easy access for being a public platform there is no restriction for its revision obtaining a copy.

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