October 28th - The Week of Setting Goals

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"The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self."
The Dalai Lama

Hi everyone.

Last week report: Wow, did I have a busy last week. I set a goal challenging myself to create, comment, and curate each day. I didn’t think I could accomplish it, but I did. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, just time consuming. Although I didn’t complete a few items on my list: work on my website and second lead capture page. Several offline projects forced me to take more breaks than usual. Refrigerator problem behind me, I'm now ready to tackle what this week brings. BTW...got sticker shock at the appliance store after we realized it was time to part ways with the current one.

This week's goal: I need to pull back and reassess where I am and what I want to accomplish the rest of the week. So my goal this week is not to attempt to post every day, but every 2 days. That way, I can attend to other items such as: re-engage with my Followers at CTP, focus on the Mastery and Training sections, finalize my second LCP, and focus on my website. I do plan to join another Steem tribe to share my writing if time permits.

You have to have realistic goals based on your overall commitments.

Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever you are working on.

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What a nice reminder for myself as well. With October ending soon, I will also need to set new November goals. ^^ Have fun and have a great week! ^^

Yes, we all need to reassess now that the holidays are fast approaching. The holidays are the busiest time of the year for me. Starting November, I'm going to set a time limit for online for a couple hours each day so that I focus more on my offline commitments.

I just realized I signed up the November Redfish Rally :)

Don't worry, the Redfish Rally is supposed to be fun. Posting daily is ideal, but it's okay to do it on alternate days as well. Just don't go on a hiatus for long days or weeks even. ^_^

Ok. Will do I'm still trying to find the contest where you and @kirkoliver and others calculated your word counts. Your names were on a list of contestants with a running total for the month of October. Haven't run across the post again.

May have been a freewrite contest.

A-ha! That's interesting... Please share the link too when you've found it ^_^