Slow and Steady is How I Roll

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Click Track Profit is perfect for me. I can blend offline and online activities into a schedule that fits me. But when you add in the CTP Teams competition, that requires a bit more time online. The season hasn't started yet, so I'm trying to work out a schedule to fit it in.

I like the fact that I can work at my own pace. Some days I'll spend reconstructing my webpage. Other days I spend promoting my favorite programs. Still other days, I tackle the training modules. I'm working on my second LCP. The most time-consuming activity for me is posting at CTPTalk and Steemit. But I'm told the more I work at this, the more comfortable I'll get and produce more quality content. After posting several blogs in the wrong tribes, I'm more careful now thanks to fellow steemians who clarified the purpose of each. How not to abuse tags is etched in my mind when posting. Finally, I'm learning about new tribes and what type of information belongs in each. I just joined two discord groups that are amazing: Steemitmamas and Innerblocks. Hope to join a few more, but don't want to overload myself.

"Slow and steady" is my motto now.

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Yes Chris, you are right. Slow and steady. I wrote a blog yesterday about attitude, then ending with progressing; how we need to slow things down and progress rather than hurry to get all done in a short time. Yours is an inspiring blog Chris, hope you don't mind, I'll resteem this one.

Don't mind at all, and thanks for the resteem. I had to change my life because I was headed down a one way street with the HBP. I have a family history of HBP, but I was too busy living life to worry about it. But sometimes life stops you in your tracks and forces you to slow down whether you want to or not. Being the best and the first one to finish isn't always the best route at the end of the day. I do admit I'm slow to learn, but I do learn eventually.

Perfect, Chris... that is something we all need to learn... space out our jobs and not try to cram everything into one day... the hardest part is learning what HAS to be done today, and what can wait until tomorrow... thanks for the reminder!!

You're welcome. I learned it the hard way from my 30 years of working trying to be super employee of the year! Only thing I got in the end was high blood pressure. But better to learn it late than never.

You are making great progress, it's better to take it in a speed where you know what you are doing rather than trying to rush things, stay awesome.

Thank you for your support and advice. Much appreciated. Things are going better for me now that I have slowed down and taken a different approach.


Congratulations @justclickindiva!
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