I Finally Joined Hive and Got Stung by a Bee!

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Do you remember the first time you got stung by a bee? How about the last time one of those little stingers got you? Well it was not long ago that it happened to me. Most of my adult life I have avoided them and when CTP came out with this Bee Hive stuff ... it did not thrill me at all. I put off joining as long as I could.

On my daily list of things to do for quite some time has been to participate in the CTP Talk Wheel of Engagement. A few days ago I was not able to get in without joining Hive. :( I reluctantly joined and followed all of the instructions as best I could including saving my pass-code and other important links. A day later and up to now I have not been able to log back in to participate.

Wouldn't you know it ... soon after that I was in my Kenworth Super Dump Truck waiting to get loaded with my windows down and I got stung by a bee.

My truck is not the red one but the white one behind it.

I will get back with you and show you a better picture of that truck. I was in our Peterbilt today hauling a 325 Cat Excavator on a Lowboy trailer to a jobsite in Middletown, California.

Most important is that I finally got back in and will put CTP Talk Wheel of Engagement back on my daily list of things to do. This is day 2 of getting back in. I was 1 click of the wheel spin short of winning today.

Congratulations Mike @maddogmike for winning the spin today!

WTG Farhad @imfarhad for raising the issue of frame breakers in TEs as all who surf have to be frustrated by them! Whoever comes up with the best solution will be a hero to all!


Thanks for the mention Ken

You are welcome Mike and thank you for what you do to help me and a lot of others on a regular basis.

Hi Ken, great to see you join the community. You have made an excellent decision :)

Thank you Daniel ... I have been with CTP for a long time ... took me a while to get on ctptalk ... and longer to get in the Hive. It took a major mindshift and I have a ways to go with that.

thank you @kenwolff. I am hoping someone will take an initiative and fix it

Thank you for suggesting it Farhad! I know it will be difficult for anyone but will please everyone. :)

Great to see you on Hive and CTPTalk, Ken! There are only virtual bees, so I think you are safe here... :)

Glad to be here Zoltan! I am getting to like the virtual bees. They are much kinder than the ones I grew up with. LOL

Ken, its good to see you finally get stung by the hive bee and into ctptalk. Looking forward to some of the post you write.

Thanks Aaron. I will do better than I have in the past for sure. I have heard it takes 17 days of doing something to develop a habit. I am on day 2 LOL

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Thank you @hivebuzz. I lost a lot when I switched over from ctptalk to Hive, but I am off to a fresh start and will be learning every day

You are welcome @kenwolff! It is great to see you are doing your first steps! Great work!

Great to see you on HIVE Ken and thanks for mentioneing the CTP Talk Wheel of engagement :)

Thank you Russell @russellstockley! I give you a lot of credit for the inspiration and motivation!

Welcome to Hive and CTPTalk.

Thank you Christian @chmoen

Yo thanks for posting in our team skype room .:) I use hivekeychain . it a extension. for laptop or computer. I would ask about in the ctp telegram room. most of them where whom certainly help me. to know what to do. it logins me in peakd hive ctptalk. hive engine.-where u can sell or buy ctp tokens. my day is ill today too many important webnairs. LOL. Sending Blessing Yours. is that too much information. keep being you

Hi Cheryl! I agree that most of the people in the ctp telegram group are very helpful ... and not that is not too much information. I appreciate your help very much. I know that you have learned a lot and I see your constant learning and active use of what you have learned. Thank you for the Blessings :)

Welcome and congrats on your win. We are all glad you are here.

My goodness, how did I miss this post after all this time?! Wow, Jenn, late to the game here lol....

Welcome to #HIVE! You will love it here. It's such an engaging place & so many awesome people! :) Great to see you here :)

Brilliant post @kenwolff good to have you here and thanks for connecting bro have the best one