The Most Expensive Cleaner

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What is the most expensive household cleaner? The one that does not work ... right?
You go down the cleaning products aisle in the grocery store and you start coughing or sneezing. No telling what they put in those things but they are toxic.

We decided to clean out hot tub this morning. I was busy on the computer doing some of my every day routine loyalty bonus things so I told Elaine to prepare a bucket with a little Basic H diluted with some warm water. What did she do? She poured about a quarter of a cup right into the hot tub.

That was way too much. You can see the half full gallon of the old Basic H that Elaine's mom purchased years ago. Her parents were signed up for Shaklee under my parents about 50 years ago.

This is day 2 ... may add to it later but just got called into work offline


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I tried some of this stuff and I like it it's not in my budget so I can't really buy anything right now I like to drink mixes with other vitamins and things in them a lot we still have the H2 stuff I think that's what we have right cuz we really don't clean up that much nobody

What is in the post above came before the Basic H2. The H2 is more highly concentrated. you can only buy the older Basic H in the 5 gallon containers.

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