Traffic Exchange Owners.......Your Attention Please

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First off, I'd like to say that most traffic exchange owners do a good job at keeping members interested and continually coming back to surf and promote. There is also a small number of exceptional owners that exceed that and have truely dedicated members because of the quality of service.

We also have the owners that send out emails once in a while that aren't geared toward their traffic echange, but to mostly send something that wants your attention focused elsewhere which doesn't make much sense. WHY would you not want members coming to your own site? Why not put that email to good use to boost your site's activity AND have a better chance of a member making a purchase? Focus on keeping YOUR BUSINESS alive and not somebody elses.

Next are the owners that do practically nothing and for some reason wonder why nobody is surfing or promoting their traffic exchange. It's not the member's responsibility to continually show up just because you own an exchange. It's your job to give them reasons to. YOU need to promote like you're the only one, because you just might be! If you're one of the top three or four surfers at your own exchange with 130-150 page views, then you're definately doing something wrong and I don't mean surf more. Put that effort into an ACTIVE exchange, do promos at Promoslice and add VTG. Maybe even take the time to learn a thing or three at Click Track Profit.

I'd also like to say that some owners send out emails, but neglect to even send a link for members to go log in. That link should be a standard thing to include. It also wouldn't hurt to customize and personalize your email templates. Some little changes can make a big difference in what someone decides what to do with your message.

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This comes from the traffic exchange that inspired me to write on this topic. The link has been removed along with he owner's name. This is twice in the same week receiving a message wanting me to go sign up somewhere instead of surf.

Hi Kirk,

could you do me a favor?

I'm trying out this “Really Simple System” thing… Can you sign up through my link and let me know what you think?

Link for program to visit was here.

Thanks! (It's totally FREE and if you make a free account I'll make a little $$$)

Owner name removed

P.S. You can do the same thing...make a little money just by showing it to at least 5 other people.

I visited this traffic exchange to see how many surfers he had for the week(Sat. Oct. 10th.).....a whopping 15 members had surfed during the week.

Good advice here. I too am mystified that I get emails from TEs that do not include a "login here" link. Make it easy for people to do what you want them to do!

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This is a perfect example that I received today. I left the TE and owner's name out.

Hi Kirk;

You have 130.252 page views in your account that are yet to
be assigned to your sites.

Grab some more at some awesome prices by logging in to your
account using the link below and clicking on the buy page.

Just for today, enjoy an additional 50% surf ratio!

Regards, link to encourage me to come by and surf or the link that was supposed to be included.

Thanks for writing this post, Kirk. Kudos to those owners who are on top of their game in managing their sites.

But, you hit the nail on the head when it comes to some owners and some of the emails they send out to their members. The emails that I ignore are the ones asking members to join them in another program under their link.

Your advice on promoting your own site should not even have to be mentioned. This should be done everyday all day so members will see that the owner is not relying only on them to promote the site and bring in new members.

Finally, I've seen numerous sites where the owner/admin is in the Top 5 surfing. Of couse, an owner should surf his site to make sure everything is loading correctly and running so the member has a smooth surfing experience. Too often I've encountered missing prize and bonus pages (within the first 50 - 100 pages) that the owner has offered its members. Surfing 100 pages to make sure they display correctly I don't think is a waste of any owner's time.