Crazy Day today!

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Good afternoon! Happy Thursday! This is just going to be a quick post. My parents needed grocery shopping done today. They usually go themselves but they are in their 80s and having health issues. We only went to two stores. One was a pretty quick stop and the other was rather longer. I have been in and out most of the day. I just got back to the computer a short while ago.

We managed to keep our distance from people. I am pretty adept at avoiding a crowd anyway. It one of those things I have figured out over the years. :-) When I go to a store I am in there to get what I need and get the heck out. No messing around. No dilly-dallying. Just on with it. Shelves were still pretty empty. I am grateful for the people who are working their butts off to keep the shelves stocked as best they can.

One of the questions I asked my husband in the store is how they came up with the 6 feet of distance apart. He said it's not really enough because if someone sneezes it goes way further than that. Yay! We were in Aldi the other day on our way back from the doctor. No milk and other things were out too. We didn't really need it. I just thought of picking some up since we had to stop anyway. Hubby was shocked that the wine shelves were pretty empty as well. He commented on that when we got home. I joked that there will be a lot of people home with their kids... LOL Some of them are probably teenagers and kind of moody. I was a teenager once too. And kind of moody. My parents drank martinis. And the bars are closed, so there's that. Some people were posting on FB that their kids were already complaining about being bored. UMMMM! We never said that word to my Mom more than once. She found stuff for us to do really fast.

One more thing. I found out that I do not fit the criteria to be tested for Corona. I am in my late 50s, okay 58, but thankfully I have no other chronic underlying health issues that would make me a candidate. I don't work in healthcare and there were a couple of other questions the screening nurse asked me over the phone when I called to find out.

So, this was long and rambling and not as quick as I thought.
Have a great rest of your day everyone! See you tomorrow.

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