Day 20 -- #LukeIsAlive -- Go Find Him!

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Scavenger Hunt Day 20.png

Graphic created in Canva and Photocollage with screenshots from CoolCatHits, High-Hits, StarPowerHits, BootScootinTraffic and CupofTraffic

My Scavenger Hunt began in the Northern Pass and Springfalcon occupied by Cool Cat Hits



Claimed the CCHSurf50Badge.png

Found #LukeTheListBuilder and claimed him. He traveled to


Claimed the HighHitsSurf50.png

Found #LukeTheListBuilder and claimed him so he could travel to


Claimed the StarPowerHitsSurf50Badge.png

Found #LukeTheListBuilder and claimed him. He traveled to


While surfing here I found the white cat strolling on the surf bar several times. I was rewarded with a total of 10 credits, 75 banner ads, 75 text ads, and 125 square banners.

I found #LukeTheListBuilder and claimed him and he went ahead to Greencrystal and
CupofTraffic I stayed to surf a few more sites and claim the BootScootinTrafficSurf50.png

I moved along to Cup of Traffic to catch up with Luke there. I won
CupofTraffic5CTPXP.png and found Luke toCompletedScavengerHunt.png

I played

once in each of the 5 Traffic Exchanges where I surfed.
I won a total of:

13 Traffic Credits
29 Banner Ads
32 Text Ads
22 Square Banners

All of those are for traffic at Viral Traffic Games.

Will be looking for Luke again tomorrow.

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Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Lisa, and nice tips and details.