Day 22 -- #LukeIsAlive -- Go Find Him!

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**Graphic created in Photocollage and Canva with screenshots from Click Track Profit, Cool Cat Hits, Cup of Traffic, High-Hits and Sea Life Hits

Clicked on the Green Go Button and


My Scavenger Hunt began in the


1st Site CCH in Foxview.png

Found the


Found #LukeTheListBuilder and he traveled to


I only had to rate a few sites before I found and claimed Luke so he could travel to


Found the


Claimed #LukeTheListBuilder here and he traveled to


I claimed 5 CTP XP here


Found and claimed Luke at Page 48 so he could travel to


I let Luke go ahead and I stayed in Greencrystal and Cup of Traffic for just a little while longer so I could claim the


At Sea Life Hits I claimed two more badges on my search for #LukeTheListBuilder



Found and claimed Luke on page 80 to complete today's hunt.


Played a few rounds of

at the sites listed here

won 2 traffic credits, 12 banner ads, 57 text ads, 23 square banners

won 3 traffic credit, 3 banner ads, 10 text ads, and 2 square banners

won $0.02, 14 traffic credits, 21 banner ads, 38 text ads

All that traffic is for use on Viral Traffic Games.

Back again tomorrow to hunt for #LukeTheListBuilder in these or some other sites.

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Fantastic post 👌 as always 👏


#LukeIsAlive engagement reward

Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Lisa, and you got great details about it.