More than One Path to Travel on Your Business Building Journey

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I know we have all heard this before and it is true. There is always more than one way to get to where you want to go. Some ways are faster and some take a bit longer. I am on this Internet Marketing journey and I plan to be true to myself and work it the way that makes sense to me.

A non-business related example of having more than one way to get to a destination is the route I used to drive to go and visit my nephew and his wife and kids. I knew two ways to get there and both of them involved dealing with traffic circles or roundabouts. Those things are a pain in the rear and are built so they don't have to put in traffic signals. Last summer we went there for a birthday party. My parents rode along with us and my Dad showed us a route that was more direct and did not involve dealing with any roundabouts. Barring any future road construction issues that is the way we will always drive to get there.

And a business related example. How about buying into a franchise? Yes, I understand that it is a proven system and they have suppliers from whom they get discounts. I get it! You're paying for a license to use their proven system. But to me, that is pretty much just buying yourself a boss. What they don't tell you is how many locations or stores or whatever you need to buy to really make money. This is a good path for some people who have a boat load of money to start out with but that isn't the way many people are starting on their business building journey.

And another business example : The companies that tell you that you don't need to do old school belly to belly prospecting and don't need to buy any products just to get you in the door and to market online you need to friend people and message them just to pitch your products. Then you find out what the real story is. Look, I understand that you should use a product you're going to promote. That only makes sense. To grow your business you need to recruit people if you want to build a team. I get that too. But when you go into a company because they show you all these cool payment plans and they have told you that it is not necessary to build a team to succeed and you can just promote one part of the business like an affiliate marketer to help other business owners generate leads and then you get in and learn their real philosophy. I should have really paid more attention and thought it out a little longer. But I went in full steam ahead and the more I learn the less I like. I am also not fond shaming people into going to live events and stuff like that. I am not against going to live events. Not at all. But you need to understand your audience. Maybe the person to whom you are speaking is working a job and barely has enough time to take off for a family vacation because they have had to take off for themselves or their child being sick. Are you really going to shame them into taking time off to go to a live event and tell them that they will never be able to grow their business if they don't do this? Not cool! I wouldn't do that to someone. I am not their boss. Nor do I want to be a boss. Yeah, for me the word boss has very negative connotations. A story for another day.

This brings me back to why I have chosen Affiliate Marketing as my path to building a business. There are many ways to help people who want to build a business of their own but don't have a lot of time or money or both. It really is a business that can fit into the bits and pieces of time that they have with very little money to start. Click Track Profit is a perfect example. Join for free and stay that way as long as you need to. There is a community around you to lead and encourage your growth as a person and as a business builder. And the lessons are in modules with short videos and action steps to grow one step at a time. I have been a Pro member for a long time. When I saw that it was being relaunched I was very excited to see what they were going to do to improve on an already great program. It is pretty awesome so far and will only get better. Looking forward to what is coming in the world of CTP.

Okay, kind of rambling there! Thanks for reading it. Have a Great Monday and See you on the training tonight at 7 p.m. CST.

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I enjoyed reading your post. Keep up the fantastic work ')

Thank you Bradley!

Good stuff Lisa. It is fun but a bit overwhelming to build a business from scratch. Yes, franchises are good offline; I've seen issues with the online version. Build yourself and your brand, plug in those you know/like/and trust. This way, if things go south you just switch out the part.

Thank you Rob!

This is really great advice @lisamgentile1961, it's all about helping people not pushing them around, it they are not allowed to walk themselves then you will always have to keep pushing, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thank You!

Thanks @lisamgentile1961, and keep up your awesome work.