My Search for the missing #PixieDust-- Week 4 -- A Visit to the Bridge for a One-on-One with the Captain

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This story takes place around 36 years ago when I was in the Navy and stationed on a destroyer tender. We were underway and because I was not a petty officer by the time I got to the ship I had to spend 90 days working on the Mess Deck. Oh what fun.

I had managed to get myself assigned to Night Crew which meant I worked from like 8 or 9 p.m. until like 6 in the morning. When the ship was underway there were often drills to keep us on our toes. One morning after I had gotten done with working I went down to my rack to pass out for awhile. And pass out I did. Everyone else was at work so there weren't too many people left in the berthing compartment. And because that was a time in my life when I would go to sleep and stay that way nothing really woke me up. In this case that wasn't necessarily a good thing. While I was asleep there was an alarm for a Man Overboard Drill and I didn't hear it. And those things are loud. Noone bothered to come get me until they figured out that I wasn't mustered where I was supposed to be up on the main deck. And that is when they finally came down to wake me up and tell me that I had to report to the bridge to see the Captain. I was very afraid of what was going to happen to me.

He asked me why it was that I missed the drill and I explained to him that I had been working on the Mess Deck on night crew and was asleep in my rack. I hadn't heard the alarm go off. He was in disbelief of course. He could see that I was pretty scared though. I guess he wished he could sleep like that. Anyway, he was actually very nice about it. Told me not to let it happen again and sent me on my way. Not sure why he was so nice but I was super grateful. I don't ever remember having another Man Overboard drill after that one. But I would not have missed it if we did.


It was amazing to read your story @lisamgentile1961, to think that you slept through that alarm, you must be a hard sleeper, thanks a lot for sharing, and I am sure a lot of Pixie Dust has been saved, it's awesome.

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Thank you, I just saw this now! I slept really well back then. I really have to get better at keeping up with these comments.

Ha ha and I totally relate. I finally started scheduling days to do these comments :) So far, it's keeping me on track! :) This was a great post but I may be biased ;) Thank you so much for your stories & for participating in the Pixie Dust Hunt! Keep up the great work & remember, You Are Awesome! 💚

Thanks, @thisisawesome! :-) I have decided that I will do twenty comment replies a day so I can get caught up and stay that way. Have a great day! 😀

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That's fantastic. I try to do these every other day. It seems to be working well so far & keeps Mr Awesome happy too he he. Best of luck to you, girl & have a great Friday! Remember, You Are Awesome! 👍🙂💚

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

Lo, when a person has to sleep a person has to sleep, for a minute there I thought the Man Overboard was going to be about you, them thinking you had gone missing :)

Yes, and that is why I got sent up to the bridge. Which is much better than the brig. Want to avoid that. Thanks for commenting. 😃

Wow that was a close call. At least he had compassion & probably understood why you were so tired lol. I am glad you got out of that! Maybe some of the missing Pixie Dust went back in time like it did for Zoltan & helped you out ;)

Thanks for joining the hunt, girl! You are the best! Have an awesome evening :)💚

He was very kind man! I like that. The #pixiedust went back to the future. That was actually before that movie was released. I don't remember exact dates of when things happened on that cruise. It was something I won't ever forget though. You're welcome and Thank You! Hope you're getting more of that #pixiedust coming back to you!😊 💚

Lol Lisa, that was an incident, sleeping through the alarm, they might have thought you fell overboard, thanks for sharing.

You're welcome, Erik and Thanks for Commenting. I was lucky it was only a drill. LOL If they had gone into full rescue mode and I was in my rack sleeping I would really have been in trouble. It was a very interesting time in my life. 😃