Week 2-- Home School Moms Rule -- My Search for the #PixieDust

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PixieDust Search Week 2.png

Just to be clear I have no problem with Homeschooling and the Moms and Dads who do it. I actually admire their patience and dedication.

I was a Circulation Associate in the library where I worked while we were still living in Illinois. We are the ones who issue library cards and check your materials in and out. Evidently the little village where the library was located had a public school system that wasn't considered satisfactory by many people. So there were several families who chose to home school their children and the library where I worked was sort of their hangout. They spent a bunch of time there with their kids.

This library was always a hub of activity because there were always programs of one type or another going on. One such program was built around a book titled "Stitch 'N Bitch The Knitter's Handbook. I have a copy of it myself. It was really a place to come with your needlework projects and socialize and maybe pick up some new techniques or whatever. They had events like this around the country kind of like a book club. And they served pie and ice cream. Anyway, the director of the library was outside putting the event up on the sign with those plastic letters. As he was doing it one of the home school moms happened to be walking up with her children and saw the sign. She kind of threw a bit of a fit and demanded that the sign be changed. And her demands were met.

They changed the name of the event to Stitch and Pie. Here's the issue I had. They wouldn't put filters on the public computers to prevent people from watching porn but they changed the name of a program because it had the word bitch in it. There were many small children who were running around and I do mean running around the library and could whatever might be on the computers because it's not like they weren't in full view. It just didn't make any sense to me at all. The thing I found most comical was the look of horror that woman had on her face when she saw that sign. I happened to be outside and saw it. OMG! I wish they would have pushed the issue of filtering the computers. You wanna watch that stuff that's your business. Do it at home and in private. How was it our problem that they needed a porn fix and couldn't afford their own computer?

I ended up leaving that job eventually because I started to realize that even with my credentials I wasn't going to make much more than around ten dollars an hour. Sorry, I didn't bust my rear end to get a Masters Degree and invest that money in my education to work for ten dollars an hour. So I hope this story gets more #pixiedust back to my
good friend Jenn @pixiepost. See you next week when I continue the search for more #pixiedust.


Wow what a story, Lisa! Yeah, it's crazy what some places will do to appease one situation but not fix the blatantly obvious issues. Unfortunately, it's part of a PC world. Weird, if you ask me. I am glad you got away from that job. I am sure you are in a much better situation now. :)

Thanks for your help as always, Lisa! I have been feeling the power of the pixie dust returning little by little. It still isn't here yet but feeling the tingling so I know it's only a matter of time before it returns.

You rock, girl! Keep crushing it. 😊💚

I am in an awesome situation since I am no longer dealing with the public and hypocritical nonsense. That director was a spineless idiot besides. LOL I happy you are feeling the tingling for the #pixiedust returning! Happy I can help with that.😍

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I remember some old story:
"pigeon closes eyes when it sees a cat"
Reasoning: Because pigeon think if pigeon is not seeing the cat then cat is also not seeing the pigeon.

That is an interesting story! And accurate too! Have a great evening!😀