HiveTorch Hop #40

in ctp •  7 days ago 


I woke up this morning nice and early to find that @russellstockley had passed me the HiveTorch.

I am honored that this has been entrusted with me and I now have to look to all the awesome Hivers out there to decide which one I will pass the torch on to.


After a little consideration and looking at the list of the previous recipients I have decided to pass the #HiveTorch onto Jon Olson @jongolson one of the leaders of the CTP tribe.


The original post can be seen below.


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Very quick decison and a smart choice too!
Let the light spread in all corners!

Woo hoo! Awesome choice, Mike! Russ chose wisely as well ;) The HiveTorch is shining brightly.

Happy Saturday & August. Thanks for all you do & for crushing it on CTP & Hive! :)

HIVE torch is moving fast

Great move Mike sending the torch on to Jon, it moves fast.

Great choice, Mike! Jon is the right person for spreading HiveTorch love forward... :)