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RE: My Search for the missing #PixieDust-- Week 5 -- I Thought I Was Having A Nightmare! Forgot I Wasn't At Home!

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I can totally relate to this story. I went to Orlando for basic in Aug. 1984, I remember the reality check of getting off the bus and being immediately yelled at. It was a very had time and I think you grow as a person by making it through to the end.


Thanks, Mike! I was wondering where you went for basic. It had to be hot as hell down there at that time of the year. In August of 84 I was on the USS Samuel Gompers on my first and only WestPac. Good times! I became a shellback right around then, I think Everyone is at Great Lakes now. That's the only one left. What was your first duty station after bootcamp?

Yes it was really hot, there were flags that let them know how hard they can work us over outside. My first duty station was NAS Oceana in Va. Beach I was in an F-14 squadron attached to the USS Forrestal. I did a North Atlantic mini cruise and a Med. cruise while I was in. I never crossed the equator but did cross the Arctic Circle so I am a Blue Nose but not a Shellback.

So, did they have a Blue Nose ceremony for crossing the Arctic Circle or hazing? My first duty station was shore duty. They sent me to the Naval Submarine Base in Bangor, WA. I was there when they brought the USS Ohio over to their new home port which was the Sub base. It was kind of a big deal because it was a nuclear sub. The first Trident Class Submarine.

By that time they had stopped with the hazing and we didn't do any ceremony. We did get a really nice certificate that I still have framed.

Oh, Okay! Yeah, I don't have any idea where any of my stuff is like that. None of my uniforms either. I have my good conduct medal and I think I have my sea service ribbon and that's it. It's a shame because when I was in the Active Reserve I managed to make 3rd Class PO. SK3 I was kind of proud of that.
Enjoy your day and thanks for commenting! 😀

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It's pretty funny, I got off of active duty as an AK3 and found out right after that I would have been second class. We nearly had the same rate only difference I was airdale and you were sea service.