Nothing is written in stone... ADJUST

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Another life lesson... brought to you by way of a mistake...

Now, last night, I had planned on making tacos... but somehow forgot to take the hamburger OUT of the freezer... Ok, back to square one, or in this case, back to the refrigerator for leftovers... leftover baked sweet potato... leftover three bean salad... leftover cooked broccoli, cauliflower and carrots... shredded cheese... and a dollop of butter....

Voila!! a filling tasty good dinner... it wasn't I had PLANNED for dinner... but I made an adjustment... and was pleased with the results.

Same thing when you are working online... building a business or building a downline or whatever you... The affiliate program abruptly disappears leaving you with tons of advertising on dozens of sites, already paid and running... so you adjust, you change your advertising link and move in a new direction....

That's exactly what I did last night... made new plans and moved in a new direction....

I was also able to re-do my original menu of tacos and had it as my dinner tonight.... see the picture below... different night but just as good... I didn't panic when the first plan failed, I adjusted and moved forward and ended up with two excellent results!


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Now that's what I call attitude adjustment! You have to be flexible and willing to change. Especially in online business of any kind. Usually in the end, you come out on the other side better than you started. I felt like I wasted my time, money, and effort on numerous online sites that skirted away in the night leaving me empty handed. I almost gave up on them. But I persevered.

And, the part about not remembering to take meat from the freezer, been there...done that hundreds of times. Find something else and move on. Kids and time wait on no Mom, lol.

Amen, sister!

Good morning, @mamasez, it’s nice to be met!

Can I talk you into sharing these food articles with us on Fridays? Next time you release a food one like this, consider joining us over here and meet a lot of cool people. It’s an initiative that’s been around over a year now—good times.

Hi.. thank you... I don't often do food blogs, my blogs are fairly eclectic but I will always share to you when I do them... thanks for the offer and I will check out your "space"

I don’t either, I’m not a chef or anything.. in fact, I’m hardly capable of even feeding myself. That’s pretty much the jist of @foodfightfriday..... I buncha non food bloggers with an eclectic page.

See you around @mamasez.

That is some really great advice @mamasez, adjust and adapt to any situation that evolves, works in the kitchen and in business, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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thanks so much!!!

Thanks @mamasez, and keep creating awesome content.

Hey there! Great example and yes I hate when a site I was advertising goes offline but that's why I started using my own pages to put banners on. If a banner is not loading then I know I need to check that site & probably delete or change the banner to something else in my page(s).

thanks so much!!!

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thank you!!

You're welcome @mamasez.

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Now I'm hungry 😳