ListNerds the CTP Mailer is back...

in ctp •  7 months ago  (edited)

As it's minutes old and I'm just out of the 'opening Video' with @jongolson you'd better JOIN NOW as #CTP wont promote it officially for a whole week...

It's brand new. It's awesome! It's something that should make list building even more powerful than anything before...
List Nerds is here!
AffilliaTech has come to party in the list building side of the industry and it's pretty exciting to see what this programs potential can be!
Join it now and bring your list building up a notch!

You better be fast

Happy Mailing,
Matthias B. Klein

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This is awesome, I'm so happy List Nerds is back!!! I have a lifetime upgrade and love the set it and forget it advertising it offers.

You bet the Video will be on FB in a few minutes in the #CTP Group...