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Hi Guys,

I am finally here. This post is being written on the CTP interface and it is the only "tribe" tag I will be using for the post.

This community is very active on the blockchain, and I am there too, so you probably already know me.

What you might not know is that I am a serial micropreneur who often starts micro businesses with the aim of making some extra money.

By "extra" I mean enough for a Friday Night Pizza, a set of matching shirts for the family, or a few Benjies for my crypto habit.

Because my micro businesses are mostly fun in nature, but lots of work, they tend to not be cost effective in the long run.

I do make delicious cookies for example, and I may sell a few combo plates to family around the holidays for extra Christmas gifts, but don't expect me to be baking in the summer.

And I may not feel like making cookies next Christmas and that's ok, because I may make my extra Christmas money by handwriting Christmas Cards this year.

I am ready to do more

I have a whole lot of ideas and I don't execute a lot of them. I know that baby steps make miles, so I keep going, and I keep winning, but I am ready to win faster.

I know I need focus.

And I know I need a team. I hope to find one here.

My goal is to be able to buy a plot of land.

My parents are ready to retire, and the only thing that is stopping them is a foundation to lay their home on.

They are looking for a partner to buy a big plot with them, and split the costs of building a home from scratch.

They will be ready in the next 6 months to 3 years.

I want to be in a financially strong situation to be there.

I am already buttoning up my credit

And now I need to make some money!

I have been reading how to blogs and taken online courses, and read newsletter after newsletter.

Last May I started womenandcrypto.org. I paid for a email service. The domain. The "extra" teach me SEO ad ons, etc. I got the works.

I did nothing with it.

I told myself that it was because I had a newborn.

The baby is still a baby, but almost 9 months and I still haven't done anything.


Because as many blogs as I have read, and as much as I know that Pinterest is a wealth of leads, and as much as I know that I need a newsletter, and as much as I already wrote my ebook, and as much content as I already have, I still DO NOT HAVE THE SKILLS TO PULL IT TOGETHER.

But I didn't know that two days ago.

Two days ago I still thought that all I had to do was decide, and put some time aside and my business would be launched.

Don't laugh too much at me.

I believed in Santa Claus until I was 12.

It is ok though, that I never launched womenandcrypto.org, because I envision more of a shared wealth type of project.

In order for me to be able to be comfortable sharing, I have to be RICH. It's not greed. I live in California, being RICH is the only way to be able to live comfortably.

Which is why I decided to re-launch my Tarot business

I love, love, love, love, love doing tarot readings.

I would do tarot readings all day every day for FREE if I already had the built up wealth that I needed to do whatever I wanted to all day.

Read the tarot, and blog on the blockchain.

Ah, what a life.

So that is my business.

I have been mentally planning it for a long long time, so I thought it would just kind of roll off my fingers.

The way a good essay would roll of my fingers when I was in college.

I would tell my brain that I needed an essay to be written by a certain date, and I would sit down to write it the day before and a beautiful piece of writing would emerge.

It was amazing magic.

But the kind of magic that everyone summon.

So here I was, I had the plan, I was ready to take action, I had the $$ available to buy the sites and pay the monthly fees and...

wom womp, utter and complete failure

I could not set up my shop. It was too difficult for me.

When I googled "pay someone to set up my shopify store" I was met with a wall of information, to dense for me to sort through.

I tried sorting for hours.

I got nowhere.

I will give it more time today. But I need to stop procrastinating on the how and set up a way for me to do readings now.

So I went ahead and re-opened my keen.com account.

I don't love keen. They take a percentage of my earnings. I don't even know how much because, well, I don't like them taking any of my money so I focus on what I keep.

I earn:

$1.50 per minute if they click on one listing
$0.85 per minute if they click on the other listing.

Another thing I don't love about keen is that I cannot control the flow of my chats. I am there, and if someone clicks on my profile and starts a reading, good. If they don't then, they don't. No work that day I guess.

I think that last one is more of an excuse.

I haven't really spent much time sitting around manning the keyboard, so I guess I don't really get to know how often the business comes, until I give it the time.

I have given the platform about 5 hours and I have generated $84.03 USD and Two shining reviews.

Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 11.27.44 PM.png

In two days I gave 7 readings and feel I connected with at least 6 of my clients.

This was done by simply turning on the computer and having clients land on my lap.

No marketing.

I know I need my own platform

I know that even if I build up a great audience here, they don't really belong to me, they belong to keen.

I also know that I need a newsletter to harness my own clients.

I also know that the keen site has a flow of customers, a user friendly chat, an anonymous enough interface.

I know I am both simultaneously happy to have this available, while wanting a bigger cut of what my customers spend AND being able to lower my out the door prices.

So what is the plan?

The plan is to decide on a business.

  • Tarot readings. In chat, by email and by phone.

Work with a Team -

  • CTP, I hope this loooooooong blog post doesn't scare you away.

Build a business.

  • I plan on working the hotline from 10:30 PM - 2:30 PM.

The hotline is not always hot. There will definitely be cool down periods. Where I have nothing to do except shuffle my cards.

While I was happy with the level of clients yesterday, I had a lot of lull time.

I will use that time to actively build my business.

  • Blog with CTP
  • Build my shopify store easily and slowly
  • Build my newsletter
  • Begin marketing campaigns.

I would love to hear your feedback.

PS. I did try to sign up for Keen's affiliate program but was unable to get an affiliate link.


You are still making money and bringing up a kid. That cant just be easy though. Well you are strong!

About your parent that are retiring, it is fine to retire when old age come so just try your best in helping them. Let it be your first priority

Thank you for chiming in. Hope you are well.

You sound a lot like me! lol
I don't think your plan is crazy... a Wordpress-powered WooCommerce site or something similar would be cheaper for you in the long term, I think, but the turn-key approach is probably easier. Does Shopify give you a blog page option? Using your downtime to get into the Hive ecosystem is a smart move too! You'll definitely pick up a few more passive income ideas on #CTP (and #LeoFinance too, if you aren't already there). Glad to meet you, metzli... and I can't wait to read more about your journey! ;)

Shopify does have a blog page option.

And they are pretty cheap. $29 per month plus transaction fees which are minimal.

Of course, compared to HIVE they are insanely expensive... but for fiat world, not too bad.

I just have to figure out how to set it up.

That monthly fee would likely rise with certain features, but it isn't too bad. There should be plenty of FAQs and guides to follow-- or even videos that walk you through the process. Are you having trouble with something specific?

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I think I was just too expectant and wanting to do too much at the same time.

I am starting with listing number one, and then growing from there..

But yes, the specific thing that got me stuck was setting up my email address. I bought my own domain so I want diamondlight@tarotbydiamondlight.com but it is not working and I don't know where to access it. I REALLLY don't want to use my gmail address.

You set this up through your host... if this is also Shopify, then they should have a section to create email addresses. That should not be hard. Might I suggest something simpler though, like info@tarotbydiamondlight.com or something similar. Just thinking out loud.

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I can relate to this
I have a tonne of ideas but everything is just that
In my head and in words shared with The Hubs or very close friends.
All that amazing possibilities as long as it stays in my head perhaps...

I am so excited for you that you have put this out there
I am wishing you all the best

And will you give that 9-month-old cutie a hugga-wugga - she is too adorable <33

My baby is the best baby, so cuddly and warm and loving, and she says

"Hi Dada" already.

Its so cute.

I am pretty excited too. I was able to connect with three more clients last night - and I am making a commitment to show up every day.

That's where I have lacked in the past, and that is where I will thrive this time.

Thank you for your support!