I Showed Up Again Today

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A few things happened today.

First off, I showed up, but not how I said I would.

Which means that today, although I was available to Tarot Chat, I got ZERO clients.

I remembered back in 2017 that was a problem, I would log on to do readings and no one would show up.

The last few days, I was online at midnight, and there seems to be more clients then.

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 3.12.38 AM.png

But today, I was asleep at that time. Baby wouldn't stay down unless I hugged her, so there went that whole, "consistently" thing out the window.

I know I need to make a schedule, and I know I need to be consistent with it. I want to brand myself on KEEN with something like akin to being available late at night for those who can't sleep and want to Tarot Chat.

I did a few things to grow my business.

  • I played on the platform - found that I somehow missed a chat yesterday. I sent that client free minutes, hopefully they will cash in.

  • I logged on and realized that I need to be on the chat between 10pm and 2am because that is when I have had hits.

  • I found my blog and old posts and I will be optimizing them. Some of them have hundreds of views!

  • I updated my listing and added another one. Waiting for it to get approved

So, here is what I will continue doing:

  1. showing up on schedule for the chat, so people can get used to seeing me available

  2. making my schedule visible so clients know when they can find me (this makes me nervous, because of days like today, when I really couldn't show up)

  3. Dusting off those blogs who are getting slow views, but still getting them, maybe adding some images.

  4. That's it! If I make my plan too elaborate, it might not stick.

How about YOU CTP community. How did you grow your business today?


Those are really the main points to keep your business up and running: consistency and improvement!
Showing up every day should be already like second nature, but of course, sometimes it's not easy especially with kids but yeah make a schedule and keeping it as much as possible might be the best solution for the time being.
Improving your blogs even just a little will keep them updated and dust clean lol
And simplicity makes our lives easy huh? As long as you don't get too comfortable or you can stagnate your growth!
You are doing great! Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you for responding!

Showing up for work has not been second nature for a long time. I am definitely working on that. I finally set a schedule that I thought I could work with - I WILL make it work.

I will be fixing my blog, adding images, and promoting it on Pinterest.

I also have some promotions, but those don't mean anything if you don't have people to promote them to...

Are you building a list? Subscribing them to a mailing list you can share your blogs and other content, building a relationship and eventually share those promotions.
Once you get subscribers and that relationship well established you will always have someone to share your promotions :)
I believe you will be just fine...Mommas have that extra strenght that no one can't describe lol 😁

Yes, I am building a list...

Except I haven't.

It's on the list, to make a list. lol.

What program do you use for your mailing list?

lol that's ok, at least you are thinking about it!
People still underestimate the power of building a list...
I use TrafficWave :)

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Things don't used to work as planned so don't feel bad for not having client. You would get client next time.

Hey, don't know a lot about Tarot, but there is a bit of Tarot action on #naturalmedicine. You could definitely use that tag and earn LOTUS on these kind of posts. $3.49 a minute, I think you got a good hustle if you can get some clients.

I teach Khmer online for $10 an hr, but can barely find students these days due to the global economic downturn. Learning to speak Khmer just isn't a priority when folks are struggling to pay rent, but I understand.

I’m building my own site as I only get to keep 1.51 per minute as the rest goes to platform fees.

It is a good hustle.

Thanks for the heads up on the natural medicine tag - talking about my business felt a lot like spamming... hmmmm.

hi @metzli
I was wondering if you deleted your account on Discord or perhaps blocked me? I've tried to send you DM just a moment ago and I couldn't find you.

Wanted to check on you and see how have you been lately. Hope you're safe and healthy

Yours, Piotr

I did not block you.

My family and I are great, thanks for asking. Currently I am working on building a business outside of HIVE and it has taken a lot of the time that I previously spent on HIVE up.

I have been meaning to log into my STEEM account and give project hope my delegation. Would you please remind me of the handle?