Have You Found Success with Crypto using CTP

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Let's Earn Daily with Crypto

It seems like I have been gone for months, and making my posts. I have had to just be patient with the hard fork. I will be looking forward to be adding my posts back daily.

I do hope you are following the post from Jon and Blain, as they are really sharing very good details about how to use this platform to Hive and earn more then working with faucets. You should be able to earn more crypto posting your blogs and staking the CTP tokens.

I will be talking more about this in my blog post tomorrow...

I will start sharing how to use good crypto platforms and Hive to start earning daily.

Have a great night...


Yep CTP is awesome, I am currently paying my monthly fee's for the Unicorn's and also TL2IVM with CTP tokens, so just keep working on it, and a suggestion to you is to use a header graphic for your posts, otherwise you will just drown in the noise, have an awesome day.