My First staked CTP Power

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Hello everyone! on CTP.

Have a good day!
And nice to meet you here.


Today I would like to share my target on CTP and activites.
This morning I checked my CTP wallet. I saw 17.154 CTP on my wallet. Then I decided to stake them. My target is to reach 100 Power. If I reach 100 my next target is 200. I got 17.154 CTP from my last 6 post. I need more effort to reach my target. I will try to get that by posting about life and cultures English or Myanmar language. And sometimes I will post about cryptocurrency. Thank you all of your support and help to me.

Here you can check my CTP wallet

Little by little
a little become a lot


I like that quote very much. We can
not satrt to get big. We start to collect alittle and a little become big or a lot. There have another my
favorite quote is --

If you can not do the little things right you will never do the big things right.

Now I start little and do little right.
In future It will be a lot.

Thank you for your time.




To reach a big goal, you have to accomplish first the small ones! You are doing it in the right way! Keep on creating!

I am not very good at English but I will try
my best to create quality contents.
Thank you so much. 💛

That's awesome! You're off to a great will reach 100 before you know it...

I like that you have bite size goals to keep you motivated. I found that when I do this, it really helps me keep going....if I set a goal too big, I tend to lose my way ha ha. :)

Cheering you on & btw, that quote is perfect! :) Have a great day, my friend. Blessings! 🧡

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From little to big. But most of the people do not value little thing. They do not think success come from little. I got this thinking
from Hotel VSDP program.

Thank you for value comment.💛

မိုးရေတွေ တစ်စက်စက်ကျ ရေအိုးကြီး ပြည့်ရသလို ချဗျို့ အားပေးမယ်

ဟုတ် ရှိတဲ့လူတွေ အားပေးစကားက ငွေ့ငွေ့ကလေး ရှေ့ဆက်နေသူအတွက်
ဗီတာမင် အားဆေးကြီးပါပဲဗျာ။

ကိုယ်လည်း ခုမှ ctp အကြောင်း မေးနေတာ၊ crypto and hive အကြောင်း ပို့စ်တွေမှာ tag တွဲလို့ ရတယ်တဲ့။ ချတော့မယ်။

ဟုတ် CTP ကလည်း လေ့လာစရာတွေရှိတယ်ဗျ။
နောက်ရက် ပို့တင်ပါဦးမယ်ဗျ။
ပြောတာပြောရတာ ကျနော်ကလည်း ctp ဘာမှ မယ်မယ်ရရ မရသေးပါဘူးဗျာ။

တကယ်လုပ်ရင် တကယ်ရတယ် ချထား ညီရေ။

ဟုတ် သေသေချာချော လေး ကြိုးစားပြီး

Congrats man and well done, and that is a great quote, small steps creates great success in the long term, keep up your great work.

Thank you. 💛
I will try to reach my Terget. I believe that I will reach my goal.

Congrats , for your staking journey.
I will also suggest to try your luck at @russellstockley giveaways that gives CTP to winners.

Thanks your information and I will try it
my best. And I appreciate your comment.