Sold CTP tokens and bought CTPMiners!

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Hi there,

How's it going? It's NEO here ;)

First thing. Why I am here on I like "profit" and can see that there is a lot of posts that are helpful here and platform is active which is a very good sign and token starts to have more value day by day but also I am a @jongolson fan and can see his actions and progress but don't tell him ok? :D

I've earned almost 2000 CTP so far with my posts and airdrop from Jon in the past. Today I have decided to sell all CTP tokens I've got on my hive-engine account and used that to buy CTP Miners so it will work in the background and create another CTP but this time passively when NEO is dreaming or hacking The Matrix ;)

Legal disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. The advice here given is not a financial advice even though my excitement might make it look like such.

Stay safe.


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I wish I understood crypto better. Maybe if I keep reading posts like yours I will get it. I appreciate you recognize the activity going on at ctptalk. @jongolson certainly can motivate people and get them excited about things. He is doing a hell of a job with ctptalk and the Hive.

Thanks man, working hard to get as many people fired up for this stuff as possible :)

You are absolutely correct :) keep reading, keep growing. I would recommend some basic books about bitcoin and blockchain on the first place :)

Awesome. I’ve been doing the same thing.

Good to heard that. Enjoy your CTP :)

Thanks for the plug man, and appreciate you talking about CTP :)

Pleasure :) I was watching you for some time and will say again that you are doing great work. Not only with CTP. With all projects and life for sure.

You have lost me with your way, sell CTP to buy CTPM that makes what you just sold.
You should have staked the CTP tokens you had and then earned from them, by curating etc and having that extra upvote power and looked at buying CTPM with any surplus.
But what would I know owning 150,000 CTP tokens and 2,500 CTPM's except it was the token that got me where I am not the miner.