Delegating to SBI for more credits - Getting out of the Gig-Economy

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I took a look at my author vs curation rewards on HiveStats and noticed that I'm getting a lot more for posts.


So I'm going to run a little test, delegate 500 HP to @steembasicincome and see how my growth curve looks in 30 days


I want to have a nice steady basic income here on hive as part of my #noloafingmoney project, and this seems like a low hanging fruit way to increase my stake. I will continue to liquidate my HBD to Hive and then run monthly contests to increase my base SBI stake and then when that is done, I will remove the delegation.

If this test shows that the SBI delegation method is superior to curation to grow my account, I will also increase the delegation and pause all my autovotes.


How do you delegate??? I’m new to this and keen to head in that direction as well.

I use @peakd and its straighforward. Go to your wallet


When you click there you will get a box to fill in to the information:


If you click the brackets you can see the status and manage all your delegations:


I actually removed a bunch of my newbie delegation based on them either not being active at all, or already have lots of HP, and they show as expiring.

Ok! I am now also on peakd and did my first delegation! Quite simple. Let's see what returns this yields over the next few weeks. It will be an interesting experiment😉

This is hpw you delegate through Ecency ;)


Ok that’s good to know. I’ve been using ecency and the site via my browser and they don’t seem to have a delegation area. I’ll have to investigate peakd then.

It's probably the same back when it was Steemit so below 5,000 HP, curation returns will be negligible. There was an expression... minnows comment, dolphins write, whales curate or something like that.

Or just do everything :p

Can't argue with that :)

Something I’ve noticed over and over again is that orcas are only rarely mentioned. It was that way on the old chain and is also like that here.

Yes, that's true. Which is a shame since there are a lot more orcas than whales.

I'm curious as to what you get in return for delegating to SBI.
I have a bunch of shares of SBI on hive, so I suppose they would be HBI, so I know what you get from that, but I don't know what you get in return for delegating to them.

If you are posting content you are getting more power voting on new posts.

My short test is to see if I get a higher ROI on delegation vs my typical curation ROI.

I will let you know the results in a month or so. I had to wait until my rshares were low enough not to inflate the rewards.

Sbi/hbi isn't the best returns, but its stable and life long when they are bought, so thats cool :D

I started buying them in the STEEM days because I wanted to make sure I was meeting the low threshold for payout.

Thats a good idea!
I did that aswell or just to get some rewards and grow faster :p