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RE: If your limiting beliefs are holding you back then you need to learn to be

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Good stuff, Ben... Good stuff!

I like that quadrant... Looking at it for some time and I will save it for later... as a reminder for myself... :)

You have to work out where you are then learn to believe in what you are doing, if you find yourself in the wrong place then you need to change that and it all starts with your mindset.

And building a business without personal development is almost impossible... These things go together...

As you said in the continuation... Even if you give someone the treasure map, a lot of people will not find the treasure... lack of taking action, lack of knowledge of reading maps, wrong point of view, wrong mindset...

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Thank you Zoltan @ph1102 the image actually came from my mentor he always creates things like this and encourages us to share them, i particularly liked this one cause it was an eye opener for me.

Your exactly right there is not much point handing someone a map if they are not going to or can't use it for whatever reason. I completely agree that business and personal development goes hand in hand which is why i have been so focused on it.

I am going to keep on the personal development more than the building the business road because for me i have experienced how much it has changed in just a few months plus there is no rush.

Thanks buddy for your support have a blessed day