Vote For STEEM Witnesses, NOW!

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I know... You are too small stakeholder and you don't have too much SteemPower... You think that your vote wouldn't change anything... You think that HE has a lot of money and can do (buy) whatever he wants... You think that this is already over and there is no sense show resistance...


The thing that it's happening on the STEEM blockchain goes far behind the ordinary drama... This is not "surviving" the bear market by staying on the chain... This is not a normal collaboration between two chains... This is not a "healthy" situation...

This is bullying the weaker... I knew that it's a normal image in politics and in the world in general... But this is OUR front yard, these are our friends on the STEEM that have invested a lot of time and effort in building their blogs/brands... For some of them, this is a source of income...

I don't even want to go into the BLOCKCHAIN side of the story... Of this revolutionary technology that is here to change the world from the roots...

Don't let MONEY to win... STEEM is a big community, and PEOPLE can WIN over MONEY!

Vote for STEEM witnesses, NOW! Vote for any who doesn't run a malicious 0.22.5 version! Use your right to choose your destiny!

You can do it here:

or here: scroll down to the bottom - on the left, you will see the "witness overview" button


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Voted. 👍💪⚡ Cheers.

Good job! Cheers!

Hopefully we will soon see a healthy team union for all parties involved.

I'm in! Done my part in voting 😉👍i believe in the Steem community. Let's all work together for the greater good 👍👍

The community is awesome here! We have our differences and discussions, but when it is the most important, people are UNITED! And that is HUGE!

Thanks for supporting our home!

My pleasure 😊😊

Theres a lot of people on that list, I looked at the top 20, -quite obviously they are the newbies that were put in place last night ? I would rather vote for someone that I can see has posted so I can get to know them a bit
so start looking at those that are below the top 20, get to know who you vote for :)

I have voted for the first from 21... That doesn't mean that I have voted forever... You can change your vote whenever you want... But at this moment, I believe to anyone more than to the great leader :)
You can check my votes here: Scroll down, on the left sidebar

I am not even a minnow in all of this but I have to have some sympathy for Justin/Tron who made an investment and had it basically nullified by the previous 20 witnesses. I am experiencing the same thing on a much smaller even minuscule scale with steemleo.

There is a better way to handle these things than making arbitrary decisions and expecting the guy getting screwed just to bend over without fighting back.

I could see that this would have been entirely different had Justin/Tron made the first move. If the 20 witnesses had waited and tried to communicate and he did what happened yesterday I would have an entirely different viewpoint.

No one is blameless here, folks.

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