Good Morning & Happy Tuesday

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@pixiepost Good Morning! I love this quote so much I just had to reblog it! In my donut wisdom 101 talks Gertrude and I discuss the importance of being a sovereign being. What that means? This quote sums that up nicely!

Thank you so much for the reblog! It is much appreciated :) And I love this image. It's beautiful :)

I go into the deep esoteric topics as well. My Mindful Monday video from yesterday talks about shadow work & the experience of it. It might interest you. I will be sure to check your post out! :)

Good to see you! Hope you are well. Thank you for the kind words! 💚

Thank you for the heads up. I will be mindful of you Monday postings! Blessings and abundance as your life unfolds into eternal bliss.

Happy Sunny Tuesday evening, always looking to improve my power.

Yay! I caught up with you hahhah. :) I am glad you had a great day at work (saw your other replies) & the weather was more cooperative. I had a nice sunny day here and was even able to turn the heat off! :) Got a video out & other work done so it was a good day. :)

Have an awesome evening, my friend :) 💚

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