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RE: Keep Goal Setting Simple, But Effective.

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Setting goals & putting a plan in action are definitely two key things to a successful journey over all. I am always keeping track of my goals & write all of these things down. Writing things help cement it in my mind so I am more likely to achieve them.

The SMART goal system is a great way to go, but I like the OKR you described. I haven't officially heard of it before but I tend to do goals very similarly. :)

This was a good reminder for everyone about how important these factors are in our journey. Thanks for sharing this! :)


Thank you for this great comment and for sharing your views on goal setting. I really do appreciate it!

I like what you say about keeping track of your goals and writing things down. I believe that is a crucial part of achieving any goal.

It sure is and it really helps me stay focused. If I don't, then everything goes to the wayside & I am a hot mess. lol So this keeps me in the zone. It's amazing what the power of putting pen to paper can do. :)

You're so welcome. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future :) 💛