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RE: My Search for the missing #PixieDust-- Week 4 -- A Visit to the Bridge for a One-on-One with the Captain

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Wow that was a close call. At least he had compassion & probably understood why you were so tired lol. I am glad you got out of that! Maybe some of the missing Pixie Dust went back in time like it did for Zoltan & helped you out ;)

Thanks for joining the hunt, girl! You are the best! Have an awesome evening :)💚


He was very kind man! I like that. The #pixiedust went back to the future. That was actually before that movie was released. I don't remember exact dates of when things happened on that cruise. It was something I won't ever forget though. You're welcome and Thank You! Hope you're getting more of that #pixiedust coming back to you!😊 💚