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This post is going to be short.  I finished my video landing page and  I would like to get everyone's opinion whether or not the landing page I  just created is good enough to actually use.  I don't know how many  times I remade the video for one reason or another.  I finally decided I  wasn't going to get it perfect and this one wasn't too bad.  So please  be honest in your comments as to the page's value.  Thank you. 

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I have of course put the page in CTP's Gauntlet.  Unfortunately, the  feedback from the Gauntlet isn't always that helpful.  Say, 'Nice site',  doesn't really help me make the page better.  That is why I am asking  for your honest feedback.  I am trying with this LCP to 'Get Out of my  comfort zone' as so often recommended by @jongolson.   

I am looking forward to your comments,
Bob Caine

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