I Did It!!!

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I Finished All the Lessons in ClickTrackProfit

I did it. Finished all the lessons in the ClickTrackProfit Training. I actually did almost all of them twice because I decided I should have taken notes while I went through the lessons the first time. So I have not only finished all the lessons but I have a 38 page outline of the lessons.

The amount of information and knowledge in the 125+ lessons is unbelievable. Any CTP member who has not taken advantage of this training, is only hurting themselves. I think it is in the 2nd lesson and @jongolson says the majority of people who join CTP don't even start lesson 2. Why did they join?

I made a video to announce my accomplishment but it seems to take a very long time to upload videos. So the video below is hosted on my server so it may be a little slow loading.

Please leave comments to help me improve my videos. One thing I need to work on is looking up. I am not reading a script at all, I guess I am looking at the screen I guess. Definitely have to work on that.

All Comments welcome and encouraged,
Bob Caine

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That is awesome man!

Good news and bad news....Good news is you are ahead of 99% of the members in CTP....Bad news is I plan on adding more lessons very soon LOL

Never stop learning but wow, congrats! Huge accomplishment!

I expected more lessons to come Jon and I am looking forward to them. The existing lessons have already got me inspired enough to come out of my box and make this video. I am seriously considering doing vlogs instead of blogs because if mobility. Thank you

Great job Bob, now put it all in to work and take action and things will begin to happen for you.

Thank You. I am trying to put it to work; e.g., this video. I am looking forward to things happening. 🤓

WOW! Great job Rob.
Enjoy the Victory

The certificate is awesome

Thank you. As Jon says many times in the lessons Canva is a wonderful tool.

Great Job Bob :)

Thanks Russell, that means alot coming from you.

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Congratulations, Bob!

I think it is in the 2nd lesson and @jongolson says the majority of people who join CTP don't even start lesson 2. Why did they join?

I was also wondering why did they register in the first place?? It says that it is a training platform... It looks that people expect free money inside... lol... (which isn't so far from the truth, as if you follow the lessons there are plenty of tips for earning money)

Made in Canva

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Congratulations and well done Bob, this is a great accomlishment.