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Is Anyone Else Using WordPress To Post?

I am soliciting the help of the community to solve my video site problems. I have failed doing it myself.

I need advice from anyone out there who is creating their #ctptalk or #peakd posts using SteemPress with WordPress. I thought I had it all figured out until yesterday. Now I really don't know what to do. Here is what happened.

I had posts ready to go first thing yesterday morning because I didn't have internet the evening before. For several weeks my method for creating posts with video has been

  • Create the video on my computer
  • Upload the video to D.Tube
  • Once the video was uploaded, copy the 'embed code' from D.Tube
  • Create the post in WordPress with the D.Tube 'embed code'
  • SteemPress automatically uploads the post to the Hive and ctptalk

That method worked fine.. But yesterday, D.Tube broke before I could get my second post uploaded and I needed an alternate method. I decided to use 3Speak.Online. I knew in the past that embedded code didn't work on ctptalk but I was hoping that was fixed. No such luck, woorks fine in PeakD but in ctptalk the following show for the video.



So until @blainjones can find the time to look into this, 3Speak videos can't be embedded in ctptalk posts. (They work perfectly if you put your post in the description of the video and use a 'ctp' tag.) I also discovered 3Speak videos are posted in PeakD automatically. So, the video gets duplicated when I publish my WordPress post. Once from 3Speak with no description and once from WordPress. Not the desired result.

I am going to embed a video from LBRY and see if that works or not. It used to get the 'Unsupported' message as well. Let's see what happens.


I embedded a LBRY video right above here to see if it works. It works fine in WordPress. Here is the link in case it doesn't work on the Hive.$/download/videohelp/5f5835cf5f9f866f74075d156adb6b2be41da889

Please, if you have a method that works, or just any suggestions, using WordPress to create Hive posts please let me know. I don't want to do duplicate work if I can avoid it.

Thank You in advance for your help. Bob Caine

Posted from my blog with SteemPress :

Yes, I have experienced this as well. I use steempress on my wordpress blog. I've yet to figure out a method that works to get it to play on ALL the platforms but if I do figure it out, I'll let you know!

Thanks, was working so well until yesterday.

Since I've only experienced it one time, my fix was just using youtube on my blog which then updated hive and ctptalk through steempress...unfortunately that meant the same video was posted twice on hive because of 3speak. Not exactly what I wanted but it was better then a broken link!

Other then using Youtube I'm not sure how you can not double post your video by using steempress on your blog. For me both and 3Speak post to the blockchain when I upload videos. Also was down for a while yesterday but was working fine for me last night so you may be able to try again, not sure though.