My Journey in CTP and CTPtalk - Day 34

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I have not been feeling that great the last 2-3 days and only got a little bit done. Lots to get done but not enough time, lot of late nights and lots of sitting got to me. I took a big break and am getting my strength back slowly.

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LCP - Lead Capture Page

Since the last update, I have received 1 more lead on the LCP. My list of potential leads is growing slowly. I am up to 26 leads now.

Monday crypto with Jon

I attended the Monday night crypto talk, hosted by Jon of CTP on Facebook live stream. The discussion was interesting . Jon explained why CTP tokens and the Steem platform was chosen to work with ClickTrackProfit. The future look bright for this token, this is my personal view.

I got some CTP tokens , 100 of em, at the webinar. Thanks Jon, I appreciate the tokens.

Converted some Steem to SteemP

I wanted to buy some tokens that I can only purchase via steem-engine. I had to transfer some steem to steem-engine via the deposit option. This was all new to me, but it is not that hard to do. The last time I wanted to buy some tokens i used steem-engine to depot Bitcoin, but I got a bad price on the conversion to buy Steem pegged..

I would recommend any body wanting to buy tokens via steem-engine to buy steem from blocktrades first and then transfer them to steem-engine. You will get better rates this way.

Leo token

I decided to buy some Leo tokens, 100 of them, to see what this platform is all about. I only bought a few just to see what it is and then go from there. I staked all of the tokens.

CTP tokens

I received some tokens from my posts, CTP miners, and some from the webinar i mentioned above. I decided to stake them all. I staked another 446 CTP tokens. I now have close to 2,000 CTP tokens staked. I am getting close to my first target goal of 3,000 CTP tokens staked.

I have some steem pegged remaining and I am watching the exchange for good entry points on the three tokens I have a stake in now. SPI, Leo, CTP.

Small update today. Thanks to all my supporters/followers.

Take care and have a good day/night.

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"Since the last update, I have received 1 more lead on the LCP. My list of potential leads is growing slowly. I am up to 26 leads now." of the few things I have not done on CTP. I suppose I need to get this done. I've been regular with the CTP training, setting up and posting in CTPTalk and Steemit...yet for all of my work, I've just ONE new referral.

Nice to see you moving forward despite not feeling all well @reefe, all steps count and you are doing great, stay awesome.

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Gret progress that you are making there @reefe, you will soon be up to 3000 CTP, and then you can set a new goal, keep it up and stay awesome.

This is how you become successful, by pushing through on days you don't feel like it and keep doing your daily plan.