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RE: So You Want To Make Money Online

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Making money online is the same as you make money offline. Just imagine how much time and effort you put into your day job and then how much you earn as a salary. Maybe somehow, your effort, talent, and time do not reflect on salary. People do not like their job and think you can make money online easily and live their dream life.

When you actually work to make money online, their dreams might turn into nightmares. You have to put a lot of time and effort to see the results. People get hopeless because it is not easy and takes a long time to build something online. Thank you so much @theroad2freedom for sharing your experience.


Exactly right. So often, due to dissatisfaction with their offline job, people are looking for an easy way to rectify their discouragement. They seek a "get rich quick" alternative in order to make a fast transition out of their 9-to-5. Since there are so many "opportunities" out there, it seems like a perfect resolution to their problem. Unfortunately, their desire for a fast answer causes hasty, and not well thought out, decisions that lead to even more heartache.

I am hoping that by reading this post, someone might take a second look at what they are doing before hitting the "submit" button and having to deal with the additional hardship.

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