Saddle up, cowboy, it's time to . . .

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Before I could walk, my dad would put me in the saddle with him as he rode out to check the cattle. The crisp air high in the Colorado Rockies, your rhythm in sync with the horse, the solitude - and peace - as you started the day with the rising sun . . .

You learn how to work as a 'team' with your horse, each relying on the other, to accomplish the tasks at hand. The importance of 'having a plan' BEFORE you rode out the gate, or your day could get ugly fast! And when you got done, the saddle put back on the rack, the horse wiped down - watered and fed - watching the sunset, how to appreciate what was accomplished knowing you gave it your best effort.

No, it wasn't all unicorns and skittles! LOL My body is scarred, each carrying a reminder of the lessons learned over time. Barbed wire can cut deep, horses don't always WANT to be ridden (and the ground is not your friend!), and you always wear good boots, as the walk home can be long . . . and lonely.

You NEVER give up, get back in the saddle, and use some Spray-N-Wash to get those stains out of your shirt!

Over the years I traded in my horse for a Harley and set out on new, exciting, paths on this journey through life. This, too, offered new lessons and problems to overcome. But that story is for another time.

Now I am preparing for, what may be, one of the greatest adventures thus far. Thailand.

Although it is not a 'done deal' yet, I am confident that on 16 October, I will board a jet from DIA and travel 8,000 miles into an environment that will offer many new things to learn, and an opportunity to grow.

Yes, I will be attending SteemFest 4 in Bangkok in November, but that is only part of the reason for this trip. More about all of this as it develops.

I do find myself looking to the past to prepare for the future. Today, as I was shooting some video to send to some people in Phuket, I realized that I had come full circle, and was looking to the horses for answers once again.

As the sun began to set, I knew that I was giving this my 'best effort' to accomplish these new goals. And as I walked out the gate, that I 'had a plan' for what may lie ahead. No, I won't be taking a saddle on this new chapter in my life, but the lessons learned sitting in one will serve to make it possible.

And yes, I bought a new pair of boots (two, actually!) to walk this path. It may be long and, at times lonely, but I have traveled many like it before. I may add a few more scars to the collection, but they will represent a life well-lived, not one to regret. And who knows, I may not travel it alone long, as it leads to new horizons I look forward to embracing.

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i dunno what’s better. the pic or the post ;)

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Yeah, that pic did turn out good! Totally by accident. I have tried to do more with my phone cam in the last 2-weeks than the previous 2-years! lol

Thanks, Jon, for the comment!

We meet again in my curation trips :D

awesome post... I see the poetry in your soul.... and the promise in your future... ride on!

I may have to learn how to saddle an elephant! ROFL

It is the people around me, such as you, that keep me moving forward. Without whom, I may well find myself truly . . . walking alone. Thanks, Renee, for all that you have done.

My pleasure... lol

Yeap, I even thought it was one of those short-stories or work of fiction before reading the rest. Good stuff.

Well, this is why I'm so stubborn at Discord with asking you to post more on STEEM!

Well done Rich, I hope that we will have more posts in the future...

Set your goals... At least one post per week, maybe? :)

One thing I found is those who write the best post the least... I guess it has to do with the effort in each post... those who put less effort into their writting tend to tire less easilly.

I doubt you will see 'one post a week' from me. LOL Hasn't happened in almost 2-years. I write when I have something to say, or to save my sanity.

Words have power. And, right now, something I struggle with relating in a manner that doesn't create more issues than it solves. Perhaps, over time, I will find a way - again.

Thanks for the comment! :)

Blockchains and the internet present huge growing opportunities... but even in this day and age, nothing stops good old networking.

I believe you'll more than make up the trip investment. Have fun!

I have been asked 'why' I am making the trip when the internet is available. Although I have several reasons for going, SteemFest being one, nothing beats (cowboy) boots on the ground. The results that are possible over dinner or drinks can far exceed what may be accomplished through email or text.

Call me 'old school' - which I am! - but I will stick to what has been proven to 'work' for me.

Thanks for reading, and your comments!

Yeap, deals and corporate climbing is 90% of the times made at the table.

You just can't beat that, and getting to know the big players and even the smaller ones for collaboration and to develop friendship with is priceless.

No problem, engagement is key if we plan on having a healthy platform here.


Very nice post sir.

Thanks, Craig! Not one of my best, but it has 'meaning' beyond the words I know to express.

Hello, I'm glad you decided on engaging with fellow authors, but as someone who is always trying to boost engagement in the blockchain, I have to leave you an advice.

When you like someone else's post, don't just type a sentence saying that as people will think you just spam that and don't really think or take the time to write a proper comment.

Instead, you should tell the author why you like the post and hit up a genuine conversation.


You know a cowboy is really serious when he buys 2 pairs of cowboy boots for a trip.

LOL One for every day, one for those 'special' occasions! Could be a tad difficult to find a pair in Thailand I like.

Thanks for stopping in, Eric!

In case one of them gets a snake inside :D

More concerned about the giant centipedes in Vietnam (one of the places I will be visiting) than snakes! LOL

Vietnam? Centipedes are chill, worry about the communists.... MUAHAHAHAHAH

LOL, I will be mostly in Saigon (HCMC) and Da Nang on business. Also, since I am planning on being based in Thailand for 9-months, Vietnam will serve as a 'visa run' location.

Got it... just don't pee in rivers... you know what happens!

You know, i have heard about the thailand but i am still yet to visit it that place

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applause to you for having a once in a lifetime opportunity....
doors will open in Thailand both personal & business
Go rock it.
Stop and watch some of the fights....& no comment about the massages

Anything wrong about a harmless massage? It almost seems Thailand is famous for some twisting on their massaging professionals....... or their genders... cof cof.

Not so sure about doors 'opening' so much, as one will be closed before I arrive. But, as they say, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

The Muay Thai arenas could be interesting. It sounds like you may have been there before?

Thanks for reading, and the comment! Hit me up should you want to talk more about Thailand. :)

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