What Are Rainbows?

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“When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps to be too practical is madness. To surrender dreams — this may be madness. Too much sanity may be madness — and maddest of all: to see life as it is, and not as it should be!”

― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote

"Must we surrender our dreams? I would say, to do so, is true madness. Without them, we are nothing. With them, at least for while, we escape who we are, for what we seek to be. To not chase the rainbow, means you may never truly live." - Richard Taylor

Do you remember, as a child, running out after a rainstorm to see the rainbow?

We didn't know or care, that it was light refracting off water particles in the atmosphere. What we saw was . . . magical!

With innocent glee and abandon, we would run to 'find' the rainbow! For at the end was a pot-of-gold that would solve all our problems, and bring promise to the future. I never caught the damn thing! LOL

Alas, science removes the mystery, robs our minds of that innocence, and we no longer chase those rainbows . . . well, some people don't!

Others, like myself, find new rainbows to chase. Ones like love, happiness, accomplishments, and so forth. Just as magical as the ones in the sky, but something that we might just catch!

While some remain static and can be caught with a little effort, others seem just as vaporous as those from years gone by, moving just out of reach as we get close. Do we give up? OH HELL NO! We work harder, find new paths to follow, and continue on the chase!

There are several such rainbows that I have not been able to fully catch. Sure, I might get to touch them, maybe even grab very small pieces for a brief time. But do I get that pot-of-gold that brings what I seek? No, as of yet, that still eludes me.

So now, I continue on this quest for one that has teased me for decades. And I hope to bring you along, from time-to-time, as I travel this new path which takes me to . . .


It starts in Patong, on the island of Phuket, where I hope to be based for 3-6 months, to be exact! With forays into other areas including Bangkok in preparation for attending @steemfest this November, as well as Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and . . . well . . . who knows where else. Wherever the rainbow leads, I shall follow. Will I catch it this time? Maybe?

The kewl part of all this? I will be working to promote STEEM, @steemsavvy, and yes, CTP too, in the process!

No, never lose that desire to chase rainbows, as you never know what it may be, where it takes you, and what you might find on the journey!
With Sincere Thanks

Richard Taylor

I would also like to thank @mamasez, as this post came as a result of a discussion we had in Discord. :)

(I do appreciate, and upvote, all comments, it makes unicorns smile! Oh, and you may get some SBI as well!)

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Happy to see you posting. Looking forward to your journey to Thailand and beyond.

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Hey! So am I! LOL Should be a blast!

Thanks for reading, and commenting!

No problem, I read a lot, but seldom have thoughts on comments to leave that are relevant or engaging. So when do you leave on the big adventure?

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Probably not until October so I can leverage visa's, make Steemfest, and other obligations in the area.

Hell has frozen over ;)

Welcome back to blogging land.

Posted using Partiko iOS

It's not frozen, but they may need to crank up the heat some! Now, if I make a SECOND post? Then . . . watch out! LOL

That will be one heck of an adventure, I believe! Glad to see you blogging...

It will be that, for sure! New places, experiences, and opportunities.

Good to see you here and thanks for the comment!

I'm looking forward to your trip almost as much as you are. I hope it's an amazing, memorable and profitable trip.

Oh, it WILL be amazingly memorable, for sure! Profitable? Time will tell.

Thanks for the comment, Craig!

Nice to see you posting on ctp Richard. I do agree dreams and something you cannot let go of or you will just sit in a corner and waste away. Keep the dreams alive and you never know when they might just come true.

I figured I better, or @jongolson might hunt me down! LOL

Thanks for reading, and the comment!

always an inspiration, Richard, thank you!!

Nah, YOU were the catalyst today! If we had not been talking, this would NEVER have happened! (OK, everyone, now you know who is responsible for all this!)

Thanks for all you have helped me with, Renee.

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Winter is coming!
I know it is summer, but... Richard has written the post!!! Welcome back!

LOL Since you are in the EU, some cooler weather might be appreciated? ;)

Now, if I happen to end up in Paris later this year, THEN you better stock up on cold-weather gear for damn sure!

Thanks for the comment!

Yesterday was raining... Your post was predicted... But today, I expect even worse weather... :P lol No rainbows for me.. hahaha

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