Life came barging in. But I am back with #MyHiveGoals

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Heya all!

[NOTE: My video is enqueued for encoding on 3Speak. When it finishes, I'll update this post with my video link here.]

Glad to be back and contributing daily to the blockchain via videos and posts. I missed a couple days in a row due to some private, personal issues, and man I am glad to be here. :)

The interesting part of not writing for 2 days was that I really wanted to. I thought about it many times during the two days I wasn't posting, and it really mattered to me.

To get back in the saddle, I started rereading my Consistency is the New Currency book. Especially impactful:

"Motivation is a feeling. Momentum is a force that generates its own motivation. Momentum is a freight train."

I'm thankful to Lisa Gentile who recommended that book to me.
Even when things are difficult in my life due to outside circumstances, I must continue day by day, and yes I do see results from my efforts.

#MyHiveGoals and the momentum :)


Today: 546.4
GOAL: 2500
Percentage: 21.9%

Dolphin status is my ultimate goal, and 2500 Hive is half way. I'll make this one.


Today: 12101
GOAL: 25,000
Percentage: 48.4%

This is coming along nicely. Having CTP at this level is helping my voting power. However, I have some of it in liquid form, since I am paying 2000 CTP toward Eliana's competition prize. :)

Dad Jokes

Today: 93
GOAL: 250
Percentage: 37.2%

Day by day my son and I continue making these videos. I've been posting them on Youtube, and I have somewhat of a backlog of them that I need to put on Hive as well. Blog

Today: 23
GOAL: 25
Percentage: 92%

Two more blog posts and I will have reached my goal on my blog for the posts. This is quite encouraging, and I look forward to making even more, considering this is what it takes for Google to consider me an authority site.

That's it for today. Thanks for coming along with me on my journey. I'd love to hear your comments below on your own journey to make and achieve your goals.

Join me in my #MyHiveGoals Journey!
Want to post your own goals and join me in the challenge? Great! Here's my original post with the rules:

Be sure to tag your post with #MyHiveGoals and post it on the blockchain.

Peace and Love,


P.S. In case you haven't heard Jon O and Blain launched a terrific new site:

It's all about doing small steps so that you end today just slightly better than yesterday. I am a big fan. :) I signed up almost immediately because I am quite familiar with the quality associated with these two. I was not disappointed. Their daily videos and ebook are a big win.

Check it out yourself:

Here's today's cover photo: