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RE: Is That My Name In Lights?

in #ctp2 months ago

Nice! I installed Splinterlands the other day, but have hardly played at all. and I see a lot of people on here play dCity too.


I play dCity, too (I'm pretty new, so we can grow together if you decide to check it out). I am trying to see if I can grow this account with just game income, so I will not grow quickly. I will be joining Splinterlands once I have earned enough to for the initial Spellbook purchase (I do play on my other account, though).

If I went to Gamestop, Steam, Gog, I pay for games. I think if I found a game on here that I really wanted to spend time on, I'd invest some. It would be no different than paying for the digital bits of a game to play it.

dCity is awesome but I have never played Splinterlands and I truly can't get the attraction of Rising Star except I just cream off a few tokens a day I'm a little ashamed to say!

If you're thinking of getting into dCity, the prices on the market are a fraction of what they were and you can build a nice city for peanuts! Give it a go and of you need any help or advice, hit me up :-)

Someone suggested to build your Rising Star account up to Level 20 and then start pulling 50% of your Startbits off to buy SIM for your dCity. I think I may use this strategy once I get there.