Still Copying other people? Wow. Just Stop. You need Help. Here's #myHiveGoals

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Heya all!

It's the last day of June, and here's how I'm doing with #MyHiveGoals. 😀

Don't copy other people on the block-chain

First. I do want to bring up a topic that Eliana Gomes (@elianaicgomes) brought up as well in her latest Rant: Don't copy other people on the blockchain. You can find her article here:

I wrote a blog post about this ( and even added it to my email auto-responder. I copied it onto the Hive block-chain and tagged it with CTP to make sure it was seen.

If Eliana is talking about the same things, then that means that apparently people within our circle are still not writing original content, but are copying others which is a shame.

Please write your own stuff. I'll just start down-voting people who blatantly copy others. It's not professional or polite to do so. I hardly ever down-vote, but I will start doing so if we have plagiarists in our midst.

Here's #myhivegoals and how I've been doing:


Previous: 508
Today: 512.8
+4.8 Hive
GOAL: 2500
Percentage: 20.4%

Each day I gain in Hive, simply because a week prior I wrote something on the block-chain. I try to write and publish every day and it works. :) A gain of 4 hive may not be much, but it does bring me closer to my goal. 2500 is my short-term goal, and I want to eventually make it to 5,000.


Previous: 11431
Today: 11524
+93 CTP tokens
GOAL: 25,000
Percentage: 46%

Just like working with Hive, I enjoy seeing my CTP tokens climb. It's all adding up, and will soon be a nice chunk. I especially like that the amount given for my voting will increase. :)

Dad Jokes

Previous: 84
Today: 85
+1 joke
GOAL: 250
Percentage: 34%

If I do nothing else right, recording these videos with my son is a good thing. It helps our relationship, and helps in creating the content I need for my dad joke site to be successful as well. Blog

Previous: 22
Today: 22
+0 blog post
GOAL: 25
Percentage: 88%

The effort I put into my blog is also part of my #donotbreakthechain where I try to work on my auto-responder every single day. This is really helpful for me, since I need to create a number of blog articles to make this shine.

That's it for today. I hope that me documenting my journey is helping you to realize that this is something that can be done every day by anyone, even me. :)

Join me in my #MyHiveGoals Journey!
Want to post your own goals and join me in the challenge? Great! Here's my original post with the rules:

Be sure to tag your post with #MyHiveGoals and post it on the block-chain.

Peace and Love,


P.S. In case you haven't heard Jon O and Blain launched a terrific new site:

It's all about doing small steps so that you end today just slightly better than yesterday. I am a big fan. :) I signed up almost immediately because I am quite familiar with the quality associated with these two. I was not disappointed. Their daily videos and ebook are a big win.

Check it out yourself:

Cover photo:



Great vlog, Rob! I'm sorry about your future trip... But, there is time until then, so maybe something changes...

I would like to give my opinion about PLR articles... If I get them right, the point is that someone creates an article and sell it to YOU (and for who knows how more people), and you can do whatever you want with it... That's fine...

But, what can be the VALUE of the post that is out there in 100 places? SEO will suck (only the first publication will have some value) and you are doing more harm to your website, blog, and YOUR brand (which is not YOUR brand, as it's not your voice)...

So, I have no understanding of that type of material either... Maybe I'm too radical, but that's just my 2c...

Don't get me wrong, I was doing similar things in the past (a decade ago), but I have learned a lesson that doing that has no sense at all...

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Thank you Rob! Good to see someone is watching my rambles lol
Well I don't like to call out people at least in public..I'm hoping for them to wake up and try to change..
The only time you can copy paste is copy your own post and repurpose it to an email lol
Here in Madeira Islands are the safest place in Portugal at the moment if you wanna check lol
Here's a little treat :)


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Hi @robwillmann Hope ou have been doing good. I agree with you 100% that original content is the best way to go. Originality is the key to success. A person can just as easily write their own content than copying someone else's. Wasted energy otherwise. I can understand downvoting when it comes to copy others' hard work.

You are steadily growing on Hive. I see you're a MINNOW now. Congratulations. TIP: I see ou are utilizing only 5 of the 10 Tags available for your posts when you publish on Peakd. Also, I see you try to write everyday. I do the same as well when time permits from offline tasks.

Take care, and stay safe.

It's amazing how slack people can be. Do you mind if I copy this post and repost it as my own lol just kidding.

But seriously this is a problem and it would be nice if everyone would put in the little time it takes to create their OWN content when they publish. There is no problem with copying some of the content and putting a link to the post you copied from just for cross referencing purposes to give more validity to the content you are talking about in your post.