I would climb 1000 steps and I would climb 1000 more

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My story at the moment is my Move, so here is some more

The move has gone quite well, Over the weekend I did 5 car loads on Saturday and 5 on Sunday – Each car load took 10 trips up and down stairs, twice, one at old address and one at new address

The place I am moving from has 48 steps and the place I am moving to has 38 steps

Now me being me, kept count of all those steps, tallied the numbers and came up with the figure of
Saturday = 10x48x2x5 = 4,800 at old address
Saturday = 10x38x2x5 = 3,800 at new address
Saturday Total = 8,600

Sunday, the same figures as Saturday = 8,600

In total over the weekend I climbed 17,200 steps – , 8,600 of those steps carrying boxes, plants and various other weighted objects - Phew – Who needs actifit😊

Ok, I not a spring Chicken as I have mentioned in a previous post, However I am also not an old fart either.
I am reasonably healthy, and from what I can deduce from the weekend also reasonably Fit.

Ok, now this is going to come down to a talk about consistency and staying the course, of course

A year ago, now my partner had to have back surgery, she was in a wheelchair and in 28 out of 10 pain every single moment of every single day

That night after the surgery she was able to walk after a prolonged 7 months in the wheelchair, and curled up in Foetal position on the floor of our unit, (getting up into bed was too painful for her to move)

So after the surgery we started going to the Gym, every day for an hour and 30 minutes, every day, no matter how we felt, every day, we have now done 372 days straight with only a handful of rest days, this weekend were rest days , lol.

Now without the level of consistency that we have achieved over the past year, I certainly would not have been able to climb 17,200 steps in 2 days carrying weights.

The Moral of this journey is Consistency. Staying the course

If you apply this to your business ventures, then you will be able to see some massive results. Keep doing what you believe in and do not allow yourself to get distracted.

How many of you can say that you have spent the last year staying focused on building your business, how many of you can say you have spent 5 years on building your business, how many of you can say you have spent 10 years on building your business, and how many of you have spent even longer.

People need to remember that a business will not build on its own, it certainly will not sustain if you get distracted. Business cannot run themselves.

If you want to succeed in Business or in anything for that matter you need to stay focused and you need to stick with the plan. You need to put in an effort every single day, and it does get easier.

Stick with it for 6 months and compare the results from when you started. Stick with it for 12 months and compare. Stick with it for ten years and compare.

You will be so glad that you did, and you will be surprised at the results when compared with the start.
Also, while comparing, look at your goals and look at your processes.

Part of staying the course is that you will be able to grow and learn from where things didn’t work and move forwards to those that do.

Like @jongolson, keep all those notebooks, keep all those bits of post it notes. They are great fun to reflect with and great fun to see if you are still keeping the course and making your business work for you.

I would really like to hear from those people that can look at notes from 5 years ago ans say, you know what, I am still crushing it

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Consistency really is key @russellstockley, that is how we create lasting results, and I hope that your move is going well and that your partner is getting better, have an awesome day.

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