Cuppa Time with Russ -24th Feb 2020

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Welcome to Cuppa Time with Russ

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I literally watched this....As soon as I woke up....Drinking a coffee!!!!!!

Cuppa Time is so much better with

Its always much better with Coffee :)

You are right... CTP is run by Jon and Blain, but powered by the community... ;)
There are 15 categories if I have counted right...

Yes the community is what drives the energy, even if Jon and Blain are Hyper lol
You have been placed in the running for the quiz prize :)

Nice video Russ!
Need to keep up with them :)
For the question you asked, there are a total of 15 modules!

I intend to keep the momentum going :)
You have been placed in the running for the quiz prize :)

Hi Russ,

I just had a peep and there are 15 categories in the lessons section of CTP.

All the best,

David Hurley

Hi David thanks for dropping by and watching
You have been placed in the running for the quiz prize :)

Do I hear delightful grandchild noises in the background? Lots of fun! Or maybe some exotic Australian unicorn? Also thank you for the credits. And there are 15 categories of modules in Lessons.

Hi K9imberly
No they were not the sounds of children, although the creatures that make that sound are like petulant Teens
They are the local White Cockatoos :)
You have been placed in the running for the quiz prize :)

Ha! I was only in Australia once--a week in Sydney when my husband had an engineering conference. Not nearly enough time, but got to tour the Opera House and a wildlife park. It was worth the trip just to pet a wombat and hear a kookaburra.

Great video Russ! Always something good going on at Cup of Traffic!

Hi Lisa - Thanks for droping by and watching

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there are 15 categories :)

Hi Howard - thanks for dropping by
You have been placed in the running for the quiz prize :)

Great Info Its always good to be learning something new everyday, and with CTP they have done just that. Something New is learned Every Single Day. 15 Cataegories with 118 Lessons how can you not learn something. Keep that Cuppa full and keep on learning.

Hi Aaron - always good to see you drop by
You have been placed in the running for the quiz prize :)