A Thank You goes a long way

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Shock Horror, I just realised it has been a decade since I last wrote something, well only two weeks actually, but that might as well be a Decade in a world that forgets so quickly

So I was just reading a blog post by @ph1102 https://www.ctptalk.com/writing/@ph1102/my-content-creation-process-tips-and-tricks and it got me thinking, which is always the sign of a great post and inspired me to write this

I have a Day Job, you know , one of those things that consumes great amounts of time and energy, There are reasons I have this, as most that have them would say, and believe me it was only supposed to be for a year, but has now become 2.5 yrs.
Anyway. The job that I do, or started doing involved Data Analysis for major companies.

I do love a good data set and really enjoy using that data to gain stats. As much as I enjoy doing that, many of the people I dealt with in those companies, were complacent in their approaches. It was a bit like a Radio program, you don’t know anyone is listening until you make a mistake, and then boy did they make a noise, funny thing is that the mistake they perceived was 99% a result of their shoddy data.
This task never got thank you’s from the companies, never got a ‘Great set of Stats’ or a 'wow, you did those in record time', It was always, 'where’s me', 'how’s me' and 'why haven’t I'.

This could get a bit draining at times, and like I said, even though I love doing this, it would have been nice to be appreciated a little more.

Anyway, when I started working for the company I work for, they were just switching to a new platform, and about a six months ago I became a primary support person for the platform. Now as it is new and we have well over 20,000 users daily using the new platform, you can imagine that there are a number of requests and teething issues that come up every single day. I am very happy to help people out and have become quite savvy with this new platform.

The one thing I notice is that every single person that I assist in either some small way or some absolutely huge way, I get lots of Thank You’s. People are very grateful when they perceive they have received value, support and recognition of their dilemma .

They are full of gratitude when they have been pointed in the right direction.
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hand feed these people, in fact I empower them to be able to go forth confidently and achieve the things they want to achieve by themselves. So, this is the point that I turn this into business advice.

If you are an Affiliate Marketer, then you will be very familiar with the ramblings of @jongolson, and if you are not then you should be, Jon does a great deal of reading and has been a business developer for many years. One of the key points that Jon often talks about is customer service, personalization and making sure you connect with your customers. If they buy something from you then say Thank you, get in touch with them and Say it to them.

Don’t be afraid to connect in any way you wish. Cards are great, handwritten letters are great and you can see my thank you Vid to Jon for his handwritten letter,

Hey, even jars of Home Made Chili Sauce is great, provided you get it through customs.

But whatever way you show gratitude to your customers and other business owners, know that it goes a long way to making them feel appreciated and making them know that they are valued to you, and you know what, they will stay loyal and you will get return economy, be it financial or well being.

Oh, and also if you read posts on Steem, facebook, Twitter, where ever, make a comment, let the author know that you have read it

Its well worth it

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The Lost Decade, eh? wasn't there a movie like that? I'm glad you are back and encouraging all the newbies... THANK YOU!!

hmm, not sure about the Movie, might have to check it out :)

Well, that Lost Weekend was decades ago, so....

Really great advice @russellstockley, and by being personal and helpful they feel that they know, like and trust us, and that is essential to success, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Hi @hoaithu thanks for the upvote and comments, much appreciated

As Jon used to say: "Awesome Sauce!", and you really sent sauce to others!

Anyways, I'm glad that my post made a spark and you created this great article! I remember my first days in my PC Shop back in a days... I was always put my customers first, and also my employees... They first got the service, employees a paycheck... and than I would pay myself...

Thanks again for the great post!

Hi @ph1102 - yep it was the bit about writing about things that happen through the day that inspired, Thanks for the :)

Welp for me....It was many years ago when I got a package from Australia in the mail...

Opened it and it was a homemade jar of hot sauce! From a certain guy named Russell....Wonder if you've heard of him ;)

Lol, Marguerite and I were just talking about that batch the other day which is why I mentioned it as well :) haven't made a batch for ages

This is a great post I really enjoy reading the advice and tips from the post you make Thank you for sharing