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Where have I been
You might ask this, but that’s just narcissistic thinking to think that anyone even notices.

As mentioned in my last post, a fortnight in this world may as well be a generation, and we can fade away in a generation

Well, anyway, to answer my own question I have been delving into the world of Appics, - What a great program, what a blast and what fun, and it is linked with the Blockchain , so you get Paid

This is a fantastic App that you can use to post Pictures and Videos of either your Daily life or reminiscent memories. No matter what you post you are sharing a part of yourself.

It is really simple to use, when logged in using your Steem key to log in, all you have to do is click on the middle icon- looks like a camera, this will then give you an option to choose a pic or video from your library, take a pic with your phone camera or take a Video. Once selected you just have to click next.

The next section allows you to add some filters to your image if you so choose, once selected just click next

The next page lets you enter a comment about your Pic, Video and also lets you select Hashtags to go alongside your post. I can only choose 4 Hashtags, not sure if this is a global setting or not, but 4 is usually sufficient. You can then select a category to post into. The categories are quite specific, and you need to be careful about which category you post to, I posted a beautiful butterfly to the beauty category and it got flagged and deleted by a moderator, because apparently beauty is reserved for humans only.

There are 18 categories to choose from, as Appics is still a new innovation I am sure that this will develop into more with more flexibility.

Then you just hit Share and Voila, your post is posted.

Now comes the best bit – Interaction, Just like other functions associated with the Blockchain, when people like your post you get paid, when you like posts you get paid, when you comment and when people like your comments - yep – You get paid.
So what are you waiting for, download Appics to your phone and post post post. The more the merrier and there are some really talented people out there that are very willing to share their experiences and lifestyle adventures.

If your going to be tied to “An Infatuation Device” (Thanks Rob ��), then put it to some good use

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We saw you on APPICS and you are crushing it... :)
I have a problem with categories part on APPICS, all the "bubbles" are inthe same place and can't click (or see) any other than crypto and fashion... looool So, I have to improvise to stay in the category... :)

The categories can be very limiting, I find lifestyle and Animals work, as well as art. its the hashtags that get me, what to choose

Thank you for sharing this post I need to get into appics

Have been looking at when the optimum times are and think I am getting there, also follow as many as possible, they start following back and you get more upvotes.
Oh also havng a nice pic/Vid/or saying to go with said pic or vid helps :)

You are sharing great photos on Appics Russell, keep ip up, and nice guide.

Hi @flaxz - I am loving Appics and I want to start using it for short burst vids, keeping in mind most appics audience is a five second audience

That is a great idea, just record it on your phone and upload it, if you want to edit it I suggest using Youcut, it's what I use to edit my videos.