Cuppa Time with Russ - 13th Feb 2020

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Welcome to Cuppa Time with Russ

Watch the Video below to find out whats happening at Cup of Traffic, How you can win a daily prize and who our featured member is for today

Cup of Traffic is a premium Traffic Exchange Website that delivers great traffic to your website. The site is very active and participates in a number of promotional activities every day

Today we have two Promotions

  • Cup of Traffic is in the Click Track Profit Scavenger Hunt, all day, Luke can be found every 47 pages surfed
  • We also have a cross Promo with A Team Traffic - Surf 125 pages at both sites to claim a reward.

If you are not a member of Cup Of Traffic you can join by clicking on this featured members link - Join Cup Of Traffic Now with Asy Darakchieva


  • Cup of traffic has regular promotions with Click Track Profit
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Music in the Video is from - Royalty Free Music

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And way to show up every day and crush it, as @jongolson says!

Tasty Goodness

Hello @fiberfrau - Thanks for stopping by - you are in the running for a bonus prize, stay tuned :)

I like to watch this kind of videos and a lot of good info about the Cup Of Traffic "tasty goodness" :)

Hi @ph1102 - Thanks for stopping by, you are in the running for a prize -
Your encouragement is always encouraging and uplfting. Thanks heaps :)

Even More Tasty Goodness Inside While you surf I think that's what your looking for

Hi @scottrohn - Thanks for watching and taking prt in the quiz, you are in the running for a bonus prize. :)