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As a follow on from my Post – about Creating a Business Plan –
This post is about selecting a domain name and hosting account for your online business. Without this you will not actually be able to see the framework of your business grow.

These are just Basics, If you want more in depth information you can message me on Telegram russell stockley and I will be more than happy to share more

If you are creating a good plan for an online business one of the primary actions would be think about your domain name, does the domain name reflect the product that you are going to sell, If your site is a website Traffic exchange does your domain name reflect this.

My first Traffic Exchange was and still is called Exchange Traffic, (I am guilty of the out there domain names as well, Cup of Traffic is one of them, which has turned out to be a successful traffic exchange) (hooda thought)
My first PTC site was called Clicksforpay.

I also have a business that is about making money- the site has a number of recommendations of programs to use to make money. The domain name is makelotsofmoneynow. This site by the way is my number one list generating website.
By now you should be getting the idea.

If your website is about selling sneakers then call, it sneakersforyou or yoursneakers or something that really reflects what your business is about.

A little bit of research can give you a lot of feedback as to what key words people look for with the product business you are developing. Using the knowledge of the keywords can go a long way to selecting the right domain name.

Of course you can use meta tags in your website to increase your search viability and this is something for another post.

Sometimes it takes a while to find the right domain name to use. Many people register domain names every day so sometimes it takes a lot of searching.I have a number of domains registered that haven’t yet manifested into solid business, but they are registered when the idea strikes.

Once you have decided on the domain name that reflects your business idea then you need to register it, Registration is an easy process and there are numerous places that it can be registered with. This doesn’t take a great deal of thought, except, the next big step is to find a host for your website.

This is where you need to do more research. And that research needs to be triggered by the expectations you have for your site. And your expectations you have for your site comes from the planning that you have undertaken right at the beginning.

You do not want to end up with a domain that gets suspended by the host because you have breached terms of use, or crashing because you have not got that extra bit of processing power or that extra bit of memory to handle the expected volume that you have.Never leave yourself with a scenario of the unexpected, always plan for greater.

Some hosts will also offer a 12 month free domain name registration as part of the package so look around and you may just be able to minimise your initial cost. You can always transfer your domain name to a different registrant at any time.

Now you have your domain and your hosting you can start to put time into your design and structure. There is nothing wrong with working with an external designer to create the look and feel that you want, but always remember that it is your site and your look and as you have laid out in the planning stage. You are in control of this.

Now you are ready to start designing your website and the fun begins

Its a Big Wide Web out there


Really great explanation about chosing a domain name that fully reflects what your site is about and is attractive to the visitors @russellstockley, and if it's a really attractive domain name it could also be a good idea to trademark it, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Great post, Russell... Being in the domain and hosting business for over a decade, I can suggest everyone keep their domains and hosting in separate places...

I know that there are a lot of offers for FREE hosting with domain, etc.. But, that free hosting is valued exactly like its cost... I mean, it will probably work, but very often it is a painful path... And do not fall into stories about UNLIMITED SPACE, or UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH... there is no such thing... Everything is capped in some way...

Sorry for hijacking the post, but it is important that your future work is built on a healthy ground!

I agree wholeheartedly ph1102, I always keep mine separate, that why I believe people should do research :)

Another good post by you Russell. the only shortfall I see is explaining why not to use .info, .xyz etc domain names as are used by all the spammers but then again that could be another post

Hi @crusin, yes all those info and xyz etc dont do it for me at all, I wouldnt even consider, I have done a .org but thats as far as I go, lol,. the above writing is a very brief and skim over the surface post. 600 words becomes max for this microwave society lol

Thank you Russell for your informative introductory article.

Domain names have real value and can be traded. Please make sure you include your collection of domain names in your legacy portfolio of intellectual property.

The domain names that have the .com extension are harder to come by and are much more trusted by the online community so Google and other search engines tend to elevate these sites in the search display; hence, the .com extensions have a much higher value.

The country extensions like or have much less value as they are usually used in by businesses in their respective countries. The newer extensions like .kiwi or .club are interesting and may drive more traffic to your site than country extensions; they are cheaper to buy too!

Where you buy your domain names may influence their selling price later. If you buy cheap, then do not be surprised if you get a lower valuation.

Like Zoltan, I apologise for the hijack Russell.

Hello Ian, part of information sharing is the sharing, and I like that posts can open up for great information from others, its not a hijack but a value add, thanks for your information

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