Don’t hesitate because if you do you will be late

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As you may have gathered I love to tell a story and then relate it to every day activity and every day business development, how we may move forwards and how we may learn from the things we do or don’t do to drive us into the next chapter

Today is going to be no different, I have a story today of something I just took for granted but was reminded by someone very dear to me – My Mother, who is 88 years old and a tower of strength, that what I had just undertaken was very Brave, yet also very sensible.

And I couldn’t agree more, I took a step today that could have potentially have been a life changer for the worse and effected quite a number of people around me for the worse, however I took the step and it turned out to be a life changer for the better for all concerned.

Now I took this step because I felt I had to, not really thinking it was anything else but a precaution, and yet was reminded how brave it was.

I know this is cryptic in a way but it involves something that is very raw to me and to my Mother, I relay this story as a reminder that sometimes we have to move in a direction that may not feel comfortable and has the potential for devastating effects but nonetheless needs to be taken anyway, and that any fears we may perceive need to be pushed aside for forward direction to happen, regardless of the outcome. After all we cannot know our direction until it is presented to us despite the best laid plans as JD Salinger said

I am still being cryptic but wanted to convey the message first

So the relative reality

This year I lost my two brothers to Cancer, three months apart from each other, now this was not unexpected as I knew they were suffering and was aware of their mortality as we are all. They were not much older than me, one three years and one six years. The worst thing about this is what it leaves behind. The absolute loss and sorrow that my Mother felt and feels at the loss of two of her children. She likened it to being a war mother. She was very close to both of my brothers and had been a primary carer for both in their worst moments. In fact one was indeed her best friend.
She still feels this loss, it is still very raw. Now in light of this family history I decided it was about time I checked myself to see if it was a trait. Now I do not feel Ill, I live a very healthy and fit life

– All you Actifit fanatics will be pleased to know that I actually work out at the Gym every single day and also walk approx 10 k’s a day, so stick that in your App and type it , lol sorry folks, just me being an oldie.

So today I went and had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. I trust that every man out there does likewise as the percentage of Bowel cancer and Stomach cancer is very very high indeed among men over the age of 40 and I am in my 60’s.

My results are conclusively on the bright side, I have no complications, I have a clean bill of health.
Only once I got my results did I inform my Mother that I was getting checked. She seriously would not bear to lose another and indeed had my news not been so great I would not have told her.

So she reminded me that it was a very Brave thing to do, because even though I felt all would be good, I was not to really know.

Back to the point, because there is always a point and I will always bring my metaphor back to business

Don’t let any perceived fear prevent you from doing what you feel is the right thing to do. Regardless of the result, you will create a future direction.

Put what you believe in as first and foremost and you will get results.

That’s it really. Apply this to every aspect of your business and your life and you will be better off for it.

Don’t hesitate because if you do you will be late

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Thanks for sharing your story @russellstockley, and I am very sorry for your loss, and glad that your test where good, and thanks for the advice that we need to cherish each moment we get, both privately and in business, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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hi @thisisawesome, cherishing every moment is a great philosophy, one I learnt many years ago while sitting next to babbling creeks watching nature do its thing :)

Thanks @russellstockley, I agree nature is great, and it has a lot to teach if we just listen, stay awesome.

Thank you so much for this story Russell! I'm sorry for your loss of both brothers and it was probably the hardest thing for the mother when she overlives their children... :(

I'm happy that both of my parents are still alive... And I should appreciate that much more than I do... and probably, I'm not the only one that feels like that...

And fear is very often our biggest enemy... Because of the fear of failure, we miss a lot of opportunities that life brings to us...

Hello @ph1102 - Fear can prevent us from even walking out the door, and yet fear is just really our ego telling us we dont deserve, when we really do :)

Thank you for sharing your story. What a worthy advice! 😊😊

Hi @iamraincrystal tanks for the reply, and keep writing

I could not agree with you more.


g'day @bradleyarrow . we often hold ourselves back from doing things just because we over think it

I can hear the devastation in your writing over the loss of two brothers.
There is another kind of loss that is slow agony. It involves my older sister who was diagnosed with the onset of dementia 2 years ago. the rest of the family is being tortured by her slow collapse into being vague, afraid of the unknown and forgetting everything, sometimes minutes after it has happened. We suspect that it is full blown Alzheimers now.
We as a family support her on every level. the physical care is the least of it.
The tears come as I see her fumbling for memories of today but thankfully she still remembers stories and history of time long gone.
Her sweet nature persists and I am grateful.

Thanks for the reply @justjoy - yes Dementia is a silent one, My father had dementia for quite a number of years all up before passing 5 years ago. It was hard for those around him.
I remember driving him and my mother to a family wedding one t*me, and when we got there he gave me a tip and said to my Mother, what a nice driver that was :) sometimes we know that there are lucid moments and sometimes you just have to let be what is