Getting The Color Back - In Search of The Missing Pixie Dust - Part 2

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In Search of Pixie Dust Part 2

This is a challenge by @pixiepost who asked for help to locate some of her missing #pixiedust. Mechanics to join can be found on
Pix Updates On #HIVE | Where's My Pixie Dust?



Wow this was just an absolutely amazing story @russellstockley, and very well told, the hunt for the missing Pixie Dust and bringing back color to the world, thanks a lot for sharing, it's awesome.

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Thanks for the support :) and your enjoyment

Thank you for joining the Pixie Dust Hunt to help @pixiepost find her dust. I promise from now on, I will call you by the right name lol. You are Awesome! 👍

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

Thanks for the support :)

Keep up the great work @reenchew! Keep going. Sometimes starting fresh bring new inspiration. You are awesome! 👍

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

Lovely! I can't wait to watch for the next video. Just catching up with couple of backlogs... :) happy Sunday! have a real gift, Russ. You really do. This video was beautiful. I love the photos, the music & of course, the story itself. I am pretty positive the pixie dust will be found soon. 😊

Thank you for helping me in this hunt. My energy is draining but I do feel it's slowly on its way back. I have been feeling the tingling for a day now so that is a sign. 🙏🏻💗

This was a great way to start my day! Much love. 💗🌺

Glad you enjoyed this :) looking forward to Part 3 :)

Wow this was amazing, you have a great imagination. You are very artistic in many ways my friend.

Thanks Mike, Its always fun to do things like this :)

Amazing stuff Russell, you have a wild imagination. Your grandchildren must adore you. I'm looking forward to part 3, I'm loving the quest so far! :)

Thanks for the encouragement @griega - unfortunately we dont see a great deal of the Grandkids these days, over 500k's away , but we will be moving back at some point hopefully soon :) we miss seeing them everyday

You're very welcome, mate. All well deserved! I hope you can get closer to your grandkids real soon, I'm sure they miss you too! :)

Me pareció muy lindo el efecto logrado con los brillantes colores.

Me pareció muy lindo el efecto logrado con los brillantes colores.

Very glad that you enjoyed the visuals :)


A beautiful segment of the story and wonderfully narrated! !tip

Glad you enjoyed it @jaynie, and thanks for the Tip :)

My pleasure :)

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Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide. you write or have you considered writing children books?!? I found myself staring and listening to this like a wide eyed child! 😃

Great job!

Hi @jangle, glad you enjoyed it :) did you see part 1 ???

I don't believe I did. I'll have to go find it today. I really did enjoy that! :D

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Awesome video, Russell... You should do more of these on the chain... Maybe you could upload some of these to 3Speak? People like unique, original things... I know that art isn't for sale sometimes, but I think that people would appreciate your work by more upvotes and more engagement...

Thanks for sharing this awesome story... I enjoyed it very much!

Lol, glad you liked it, Yes I will do more of these in my spare time :)

I need to look more into 3 speak

3Speak is a decent platform... Yes, it has a couple of problems here and there... and some annoying ads...

But, I think that Hive people look at videos posted "in-home" and tend to upvote more those...

and also, you will not feed the YT beast :)

That was a very entertaining video. Thank Russell for sharing your wonderful sense of humor!


Glad you enjoyed it Stephen , and thanks for t

Absolutely amazing. Russell that is so very, very good. You are basically creating a childrens' book with your videos. Fantastic, I can't wait until the next installment.

Hi @rcaine, its quite a nice story :) possibly a little rough around the edges, or is it :)

Hi @rcaine, thanks for following the epic tale :)